For discussing the Series 1 - 3 Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12, from 1968 through 1992.


For discussing the Jaguar XJ-S, introduced in 1975 and made through 1996.


For all models produced by the Swallow Sidecar Company, Swallow Coachbuilding, SS Cars Ltd., and Jaguar Cars Ltd., including all with side valve (flat head) and overhead rocker arm (pushrod) engines, up to and including the Mark V, before the use of the twin cam XK engine.


For discussing the Jaguar V12 engine, found in many different Jaguar models.


For the Jaguar E-Type, also known as the Jaguar XKE.


The Jaguar X-Type, made from 2001 through 2009.


For discussing the six cylinder Jaguar XK engine, found in many different Jaguar models.


This is our Classified Ads section. You can buy, sell, and swap parts, collectibles, and entire cars. When posting a for sale ad, please do not forget to include the asking price, and currency! Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with!


For discussing the great Jaguar saloons, such as the MK1, MK2, (original) S-type, 420, MKX/420G, MKVII-MKIX, 240/340, as well as the Daimler variations.


For the X300/X308 and X350X358, also known as the XJ, the XJ6 and XJ8, from 1995 through 2006.


For discussing the Jaguar XF, XFR, XF Sportbrake, XFR-S and XFL produced from 2008 through to the present.


For discussing the post-war Jaguar XK-120, XK-140, XK-150 and XKSS.


For those who love to push their Jaguars to the limit and beyond! Also discussions on the Jaguar racing models: C-Type, D-Type, XJ13, E-Type Lightweight, XJR5 through XJR-17, XFR Bonneville, RSR XKR GT2, Formula 1 and Formula E.


For discussions of collectible Jaguar items, memorabilia and historical tidbits.


For discussing the Jaguar XK8 and XKR (the X100 platform), from 1996 through 2006.


The Jaguar XJ (XJ40) was a luxury sedan manufactured by Jaguar Cars between 1986 and 1994


For discussing the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace crossover, introduced in 2018.


For discussing the Jaguar F-Type models, introduced in 2013.

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For discussing the modern S-Type, produced from 1999 through 2008.


For discussing the Jaguar X351 model, better known as the XJ and XJR, from 2010 until the present.


For discussing Jaguars that have had their engines replaced with engines from another make (usually Chevy).


All the news from world of the Jaguar that's fit to print. Articles posted by our admins, feel free to comment!


For discussing the Jaguar XK, XKR, XKR-S and the XKR-S GT (the X150 platform), from 2006 through 2014.


For discussing Jaguar’s only street legal supercar, the XJ220. Made between 1992 - 1994.


For discussing the Jaguar E-Pace SUV, introduced in 2017.


For all Daimler and Lanchester cars, brought into the Jaguar family when Jaguar purchased Daimler.


For those who like to show their cars at concours and other events.


For discussing the Jaguar F-Pace SUV, introduced in 2016.


For discussing the Jaguar XE, introduced in 2015.