'02 X308 Fuse layout

Where can I find a fuse layout diagram for an X308. I know there are fuse blocks all over the car. The engine compartment fuse block at left front is mostly what I need now. Sometimes when I try to start the car it will not crank. I found if I tap on the fuse cover it all comes to life and will both crank and run. It would be nice to know what might need to be cleaned or replaced. If I have this figured correctly I am losing the hot trigger side input to the starter relay on the right hand side relay block. The ground from the BPU appears to be dependable.

Off the top of my head it’s probably a 30A fuse.
Or 25.

Can’t be many of them ?

try fuse 3 25A in small fuse box
fuse 5 in the large fuse box (relay coil supply).

If it’s not that I would suspect the relay, which is in the box under the toolkit

Not sure if this is going to help but this is the lay out and fuse values for my ‘99 XJR;

These answers do appear to be a help if they match up to what I find in my car. It might be exactly what I was looking for. On first look I do see at least some of these match what I had already determined. What book has this info?
Fuse #3 in the small fuse box is one I have already removed and cleaned the contacts. I hope it was not a mistake to put it in with dielectric grease. Since the problem is not frequent it’s hard to know if I made any difference. I’m going to try to print out the images from this. Until I find reason to think this is not valid for an '02 std, not R, I probably have a good start. I think the R has some of the same fuse blocks with otherwise empty slots filled in for things like a second fuel pump.

The electrical guide is the ultimate answer because the X308 was made for 6 years.
The early cars have different engines and other electrical devices than the later cars. There is no ‘one fuse guide fits all’.

The 3 ABS fuses have an orange bridge piece over them. Is this to hold the fuse down or maybe to keep people out?

No Idea sorry…

Best advice is to look on Gus’s jagrepair.com site for the appropriate Electrical Guide for your car’s year/model.

FWIW, my 98’s manual doesn’t match with reality for the boot fuse box, nor the r/h heel-board box.

Luckily, my tame JagMan mapped them all out for me the last time she was in the shop.

As I put together this info I have already apparently resolved one of my major aggravations. The engine compartment fuse box for the '99 matches mine. By identifying the ABS fuses I appear to have stopped the ABS light from coming on frequently. I pulled the fuses and lightly sanded them for better contact and then replaced them with a bit of dielectric grease. Next I will try to see how the trunk fuse box compares but I don’t have a need just yet. Cleaning contacts on other fuses might be a good plan. Thanks to all for each piece of the puzzle.