"03 X308 remains locked when exiting

This 76K car is in generally good shape save for a trans fault I just asked about in another topic post. The remote fob works fine and the key works as it should in all ways. When you put the car in gear the locks actuate, of course. When I stop to exit and pull on the latch it is stuck as if locked. I can then push either the key fob unlocking button or the door unlocking button on the array above the AC display near the hazard flasher button and unlock the door.

So I can always exit the car, just not as should be. Also I have no idea where to look for anything amiss.

Any ideas?


Does the car unlock by the passenger side door? If so then it could be a loose linkage in the drivers side door.

probably micro switch failed in door latch.

Pulling the door open lever should open the door anyway (just not unlock the other doors)

I’ll take the door card off and check around. Thanks