'04 XK8 seat trims

Like gmhater, I need the driver’s side seat hinge cover - but also the trim piece in the seat itself for the seat back tilt lever. I think this tilt lever trim piece will be easy enough to install, if I can get the knob off the lever. But that’s proven more challenging than expected. Any advice?

Also - can anyone offer advice on how to install the hinge cover when I get it? I’ve looked at the one which came off, but it seems difficult to get lined up, so I’m concerned a new one won’t be much easier.

Finally, the plastic covers for the seat belt buckles (the female end) are broken and currently just taped together. Will I need to replace the entire buckle piece, right down to where it bolts into the car? Or can just the plastic cover be replaced? If I have to replace the whole thing, I’m thinking that the seat may need to come out - and I’m also wondering if the seat needs to come out for the hinge cover??

Thanks again!

George P.