'05 X350 trailer hitch

I need to put a trailer hitch on my X350. Parts are no longer available from Jaguar in the US. Will I have to go to U-Haul or are there other alternatives available?

Just found out that U-Haul would have to ‘fabricate’ a custom hitch assembly. Can’t wait to see what that will cost. :frowning:


Actually won’t they do it for free if your willing to take your car to AZ, (Nice road trip)? I applied for a 2014 XJ but there was a 18 month wait list. I’m thinking about a used Ranger Rover instead.

If you are able to bring your vehicle to our Tempe, AZ Research & Development facility we’ll provide you with a free U-Haul custom trailer hitch, including free installation, and a lifetime unlimited warranty in exchange for the use of your vehicle to fabricate the trailer hitch.

Apply here and see what they can offer you.


Was an 18 month wait list for me too. I had tried the local U-Haul outlets. Nothing is available for a 2005 XJ8. Also tried a number of other shops, no luck.

A little too much of a road trip from Florida.

Have you tried Reese Hitch?


Yes, had tried them too.