1/2” steel fuel line, can’t get it., substitutes? Sources?

Hi- I”m replacing fuel tanks. I don’t want to reuse the short stubs with compression fitting. I’ve been able to find the two small sizes, and the rings for all three sizes, but I cannot find 1/2” steel fuel or brake line. There is stainless out there but that’s very hard to use. Anyone have a source for plain Jane 1/2” steel fuel line? Alternatively, I can get 1/2” soft copper refrigeration line, but it’s very expensive because you buy 50’ and I need about 4” of it. I’m also not sure it’s hard enough to work correctly with compression fitting. I didn’t really even need new gas tanks. One return fitting was leaking and I found a good deal on tanks (both for $499 at Welsh) so I just went for it.

Conclusion: Where can I get steel 1/2” fuel line?

John, I found this. Still pricey for only needing 4", but it’s just 3’ instead of 50, and not stainless.

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Bingo, that’ll do it. Thanks Roger!

You’re welcome. Glad to help.

Well that was an expensive endeavor :slight_smile: The cunifer was $58 shipped. The forming die was $38. I already had the hydraulic line former. The brass rings were a few dollars…. So two little pipes, about $100.

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