1,5” dashpot pistons

I just picked up a box with parts left over from a previous Jaguar dealer. There were many carburettor parts in their original black and red Jaguar Daimler boxes. There were also two brand new dash pots with brass pistons with diameter of 1,5”. They were marked as on the picture but came without boxes. Just held together with textile tape. I doubt they belong to any Jaguar but thought I’d check with the expertise here.
Regards Svante

It’s for Mark V 3-1/2 Liter.
Let’s see the top of the chamber.

Thanks, there were also some other MkV parts for example new grill badges for 2,5 and 3,5L in the lot.

Interesting to see them so highly polished. Mine has round top plugs. The hex top plug came along about 1951, I believe.
Keep each piston with its chamber; they were a matched set, close tolerances on the diameters.

The badges and other parts for the pushrod cars you can probably sell to Worcester Classic Spares if you want to.

As Rob says, for the Mark V, the part number 4092 Suction Chamber, complete with Piston, came as a matched set. The dashpots and pistons you pictured look like the long version, correct for the Mark V. It looks like the dashpots are refurbished and polished with later plungers and, possibly, new pistons.