1:8 Scale Model

Just found out about these guys (in the U.K., btw) who build supposedly the best scale models of classics. But still, $12K for this one??? :open_mouth: Has anyone here actually bought anything from them?


For the work that goes into creating one, I think the price is very reasonable. But that doesn’t say I’d spend the $ for one.

Best I’ve seen. Looks real.

Very impressive level of detail! It even has the guide pins on the door latches, and lots of other little details. I’d love to see a close-up of the engine bay. It looks quite accurate from what little I can see.

Though they do seem to have put the steering wheel on the wrong side… :slight_smile:

Ray L.

Hmmm… Some surprising inconsistencies. It is an OBL car, yet it has the “Negative Earth” warning plaque on the heater box. The plug wires do not have Champion ends. There is a SPAX sticker on the air filter can. But, amazingly, the little coolant hoses have little screw clamps on them! The tires are Dunlop Road Speeds. The wheels looks like actual wire wheels, and even the printing on the knock-offs looks correct! It even has wires connected to the Otter switch. Amazing!

Ray L.

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Not to be picky…!!!..but for 12 grand, they damn well better get the body shut lines, and the terribly droopy front bumpers right!

Though, this could be thought of as “factory correct.”


For that kind of money I would want one made to match my car’s details, not a generic car.

Then you need to buy the “bespoke” option…

Hi, The body is sitting too low with respects to the wheels, WHY did they put 4.2 exhaust resonators on a 3.8 car. Along with the other inconsistencies I would only pay say $1000.00…

Yeah, it says they will make “one off” models, but I can only imagine how much those would cost, esp. if you go with the 1:5 or 1:4 scale. :grimacing:

I wonder if it runs?

They have a looooong row to hoe, there…

He must have had some help from “little people” … :laughing:

I’ll go even one better than that … There was a story in the news a few years ago about someone (I think they were in the U.K.) who actually built a full-size classic Ferrari from scratch, one piece at a time. :open_mouth: I remember they said when he went to drive it out from his basement, he couldn’t b/c there was no door to it or some such “obstacle”. :confounded: He ended up having to take a wall down to drive it out. :triumph: I forgot how many years it took him to build that one.

Ah, found it. It was actually a Lamb. Countach, and the guy was right here in the U.S. He spent 17 years building it. Can’t believe he sold it for less than $100K, not much more than the $$ he put into it. :frowning_face:


Impressive, but I’ve always thought Countach’s, especially that generation, were butt-ugly cars…

Ray L.

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Reminds me of this old song. @Wiggles, I don’t suppose you play this one?:thinking:

Glad Im not the only one…:persevere:

Never had a request…:smiling_imp:

Wow … I had almost forgotten that song … :guitar: :notes: btw, re: that O.P.A.A.T. Countach, I wonder why he decided to lump it with an American engine instead of getting a real Lamb. one (or building it from scratch)? :confused: