11/16” bolts on rear parcel shelf

Hi, I was just curious as to the purpose of the 2 x 11/16” bolts that go through the rear parcel shelf on a XJ6 series 2?

The only big bolts on the S1 parcel shelf are for seat belts from memory.

Correct. There are bolts for fitting three-point safety belts, even in the S1.

That’s odd, there are no seat belts in the rear of my car! I guess that they were not a legal requirement back in 1974 but they made provision for them in case they were fitted later.

In Australia seat belts for all seats were made mandatory in 1971. FWIW. Paul.

Mine is May 1970 and already had the provision for them. Rules varied around the world.

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Seat belts in USA cars appeared in the late 50’s. Lap belts only at that time. Don’t recall when the shoulder belts appeared…


November 1969 just as well. I‘m sure they planned ahead, as with the speaker cut outs stamped in the shelf. Many countries mandated them way before the XJ was ready.

I wonder then if they made provision for the other mountings required? Does anyone know if that is the case as I wouldn’t mind retrofitting them for the back seat.

I always wondered what those chromed 7/16" bolts were doing holding down the fibreboard parcel tray in my 71. Same on my current 73, which I fit with rear shoulder belts several years ago. IIRC the required tapped holes were all there (the centre seat has a plain lap belt. But, on the S1 at least, there is a problem with the seat. That involves a cutout for, I think, a seat reel on the S1. Recollection hazy, perhaps someone else might chime in? Anyway, I fitted a S3 rear seat. Not sure it was necessary.

What is a seat reel?
I then think that there are provision for two three point inertia (if I want) belts like in the S3 and two mounting points for the 5th passenger as well? So, total of 6 points behind the seat and the two chromed bolts?
I will feel more comfortable with rear belts and at least front head rests, I know I can’t have them in the rear. So given that belts are cheap I will get some eventually.

An inertial reel for a two-point ordinary lap belt.

Not sure I understand, David. You mean rear headrests? If not in your 84, they were in later S3s. There may already be a provision in your rear seatback; if not you could substitute a more recent one. The seatback I have in my S1 is S3 VDP, which had no headrests but did have a provision for them. With some effort I substituted XJ40 rear headrests, which are less bulky and IMO more attractive.

Series 1 I now have in the Garage. My S3 has them - Sorry.
I assume two-point non-inertia will work then, that’s fine with me.

There are 6 mounting points, to allow two three point belts and a lap belt. To get rear headrests you need to source either full rear seats, or just retrofit the headrests, from an S3 Sovereign. All very simple.

That is good news. I will likely mount the belts and leave out the rear head rests. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable about drilling new holes.
Thank you both!

Even the SI original advertising brochure from 1968 boasted “Reinforced seat belt anchorage points for front and rear passengers”.

The first thing I did to my 1975 car when I got in 2007 was to retrofit SIII rear seat belts to hold the kid’s seat for my son. Actually, they work a charm and the auto reels are a direct fit. No hassle about the inertial locks!

Of course, even a SIII belt is no younger than 28 years today. Then again, they are rarely used and if the texture is smooth and the belt colour isn’t faded I’d probably trust them. Better than nothing in any case.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)