120 FHC flower box question

Hello all,

So I’m moving along with the interior installation and have run into a conundrum regarding the sheet metal boxes that support the “flower box” and the upper sheet metal “ramps”. When I line up the rivet holes for the upper ramps and the lower boxes there is a large gap between the two at the front edge. (Please see image). I would think that this leading edge should mate. If I try to force it down the upper ramp pieces start to distort? Was there a wood piece that sandwiched in between them?

The passenger side is about the same and the lower boxes fit flush. Again the original rivet holes line up. I’ve stared at this too long.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Rob C
1953 FHC

not sure if these help?

A few views of these areas in my FHC


120 FHC 1952 679314

Thanks for the images, it is a help. I see that they should mate at the leading edge so I’ll have to go back with a cup of coffee and fresh eyes and try to fiddle them into being more familiar.

I’m going to have some head liner questions in the near future but I’ll wait till I get this resolved.

Kind Regards

Thanks Dave, this helps narrow down the change in the corner boxes.
My 679187 has the larger square boxes with no ramps.
I could not find these corner boxes or ramps in the FHC supplement, but I suppose they came with the change in the parcel shelf and lid at 679209 on page 23.