120 FHC headliner question

I’m looking for a source for my XK120 FHC headliner. I’ve been getting all my parts from Moss, but they only sell the headliner with the full interior kit. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try SNG Barrat. I have a boot carpet on order from them. They are the current company that absorbed the one from whom I purchased a complete interior in the early eighties.

Thanks Lewis,

I got in touch with them, and they don’t list the headliner in their catalog, but can special order it. They’re sending me a color sample to see if it will work. Appreciate the help.



You can also try these 2 places

Jaguar Interior Products - MUNCIE IMPORTS & CLASSICS

BAS Jaguar Trim - Quality Upholstery Products for Classic Jaguar Cars

World Upholstery & Trim sells headliner by the yard.

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Rob your Jaguar knowledge is greatly appreciated but please no more jokes! :laughing:

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I purchased an XK120 headlining from BAS recently but definitely the wrong type of material.
The original material I believe was called “West of England” cloth and was a woven material.
came in 4 colours
grey, fawn, light blue and light green

You are right. The original Jaguar headlining material was an all-wool woven fabric. West of England type cloth came in 2 different weights, the heavier one being used on Rolls-Royces and, from original headliners I have as patterns, I believe that it was also used on Jaguars, but I have no proof of that. Most aftermarket firms today use the lighter version, for obvious reasons of cost. I’m familiar with the light green headliner, as my own car came with one, but I just learned from you that this material also came in light blue. Was it used on Jaguars as well?
Thank you for bringing up your disappointment with BAS. We certainly don’t want to mention companies if they don’t use the proper materials.

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light blue was used on jaguar blue trim etc but not regularly seen as it could be grey as well.
I have used BAS over a great number of years and extremely happy with overall service
should have requested a sample first or sent them a sample

I evaluated samples from both BAS and OSJI, each was very nice.
I went with OSJI based on my previous work with them.

They have it listed as a separately available item:
-author (muncieimports.com)

World does wool broadcloth from England.

Here is a source in the UK.

Just received a new headliner from BAS for my XK150 FHC. Very nice. About $500.