120 OTS door seals

Dear Listers,
I was hoping to find something in the archives about door seals on 120 OTS but I can’t see what I’m looking for. There seems to be variation in the presence of seals. All of the photos that I’ve seen have a seal on the A post and my car has aluminium channels for these so no doubt there. Much less consistent is the horizontal channel and seal on the lower edge of the sill. They are present in some photos and not others. Also the presence of piping between the rear wing/fender and the shut face panel on the B post. Was that always used? Certainly not always present on restored cars that I’ve seen.
I don’t want to drill my sill if a horizontal seal should not be fitted on my car or. 670335.
Is there a functional benefit or otherwise to having the horizontal seal? Does it keep water out or does it keep water in if it manages to enter through other defects?

All xk’s except maybe alloy cars should have the horizontal u shape channel towards bottom of sill which has BD2045 rubber glued in with black glue.

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I did a lot of research while restoring my early steel bodied car 670221. Early steel cars did not have the channel on the still. Here is a photo from 1950 for an early 1950 steel car that does not have it.

well spotted and a great photo interestingly centre console seems more level with tops of seats than some other pics

My car 670236 from March of '50 doesn’t have this strip either but my other, 670898, from October of '50 does – for whatever that may be worth.

My car 670695 September 1950 has the channel. One would think that without the compression of the rubber strip there might be some door rattle but Christopher, no doubt, is the one to comment about that.

I thought the horizontal strip was put on there more to keep out road dust than eliminating any door rattle? I’ll find out when I get 670236 out of the garage and on the road as I only took delivery of it in March (funny timing that was). And as it’s only done 100+ miles since '89, it seemed prudent to go deep with a brake rebuild at the least first. I need to remember this thread.

Yes, you are 100% correct. I was just referring to the possible additional “functional benefit” in a car with aluminum doors.

Am I right that the vertical rubber at the front of the door aperture should extend down the sill towards the bottom? Or, did this coincide with the addition of the horizontal channel? About what date or chassis number did the horizontal channel start to appear?

I built a '34 Ford hot rod several years ago. I left the seal at the bottom of the door off hoping for a cleaner look. It didn’t take long before I installed one. I realized that the seal stopped a REALLY annoying draft from blowing over your legs and the entire side of your body.

From the OTS Steel Body Section:
No chassis numbers given.
Retainer not mentioned.

From the FHC Supplement:

Hmmmm. That at least tells you that both are correct, depending on the build date/chassis number…