120 Roadster 672356 Rebuild

Yes, still planning to convert to rhd but not sure which route yet - original system or rack. All depends on parts availability and cost.

Yes Paul, I’m still amazed at how solid it all is :grin:

Simon, the wooden dolly and blocking you are using on top of your lift makes me nervous. Even though the casters act as a backup, I would put something under there that is more resistant to lateral movement.

Hi Bob,

Yeah, I was also a bit concerned initially. At first I had all the blocks in-line with each other which was a risk. Having all the blocks at an angle to each other really helps - I can assure you it is all quite stable. I’ve given it some quite heavy shaking and it doesn’t move.

All the heavy shifting is now done, so it’s now just cleaning, welding and painting :+1:

Christopher, I now have the rear fenders off the car. This lower splash shield looks to be factory. The upper one was not.

Oops! Forgot the picture…

Both wings are now off and I’ve started to strip out the parts that form the tyre tray and boot floor. I’m going to need a new tray base and rear-most strengthener (the triangular section bit). Apart from that, all other metal is mostly good and just needs remedial work. That includes the rear of the door shuts.

Here is a picture of the rear wing splash panel I found when I dismantled 679265.
Someone will say if they don’t think it’s original.

Original - even the small screws are original :slight_smile:

The seal looks different than on my car though.


I just pulled mine today. Same, right down to the little screws.

I think your upper splash panel is correct, but I’m not sure about the lower splash panel. These photos of the splash panels on my November 1953 XK120 are not that good because the tire is in the way. Here’s the upper panel:

And here’s the lower panel:

If anyone wants better photos let me know, and I’ll remove the wheel.

Mike, I have never seen this lower panel - most interesting!

Seems mine was missing?


Have been busy the last few days working on the rear of the car - I’ve cut out the spare tyre tray and have ordered an new on from SNG. In the meantime, I have started the messy job of stripping all the underseal from the wheel arches and chassis.

However, as I took a bit of a rest, I had a look around the footwells and noticed this panel with two wires protruding - on removal found this…

Definitely not factory :rofl:

Any ideas what on earth this could have been used for??

That is the little known Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier accessory option, which is of course located in the fender.
With this you could have ordered the optional Fender Jaguar guitar.

Ok seriously, it looks like something related to an old radio and/or antenna.

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Connected in parallel like that, they obviously couldn’t find one of the proper size and had to rummage.

An early attempt at achieving 1.21 gigawatts?

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I wish I’d thought of that one.

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March 53 OTS… I’m missing the lower panel. Never there, no holes for it.


Did you stay up all night, thinking of that?


@Erica_Moss might want that for Money Pitty!

Congratulations. Today, you own the internet.

But seriously, those all look like 5, 10 and 15 ohm, 5 watt resistors. Not a capacitor in the lot that I can see? Part of some sort of radio or antenna circuit.

Wonder what the total resistance works out to be?

Answering my own question, assuming eleven 10 ohm resistors and seven 15 ohm resistors, all in parallel,

10/11 = 0.909 ohm
15/7= 2.143 ohm
1/R = 1/2.143 + 1/0.909 = 1.57 1/ohm
1/R = 1.57 1/ohm
R = 0.64 ohms
total wattage looks like about 90?

What do you need a 2/3 ohm 90 watt resistor for?

Flux capacitor…gotta run the car up to 88 mph…and then…