123 electric ignition , & started motor Wosp

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What i actually like , about regarding the 123 , electric ignition. The car was first registered 24th October 1964… I just wanted back in 2016 to wait awhile get the date we bought it , it’s
25th of the 10th October 2016… the car was first registered 24th of October 1964…. Scroll to view what we have her running with :sunglasses:…. Bring it to curve F , & out by 10 degrees you’ve a set up
… , Wosp unit ken Jenkins supplied great job … & parts also …
She’s not Bluetooth now… just a normal 16 curve …. No need for a timing light also you’ll here the smoothness of the engine like
If your good enough

I bought one many years later just to have it & when I checked
she’s the finest …… lamp I bought online made in Germany company …
the brand is … Conrad Equus 5568 Pro Digital Timing Light ….
you’d want to be years at it …. As lord to mercy my grandfather paddy o brien would say…… took me 16 hours bones of 2 days on/off …
to get this going you’ve to bring it out by 10 degrees , no question…. Your going clock wise ….
I believe if you know a car well yourself that can benefit you … indeed
you can do jobs without
a timing light … this is how I did it …. I think it was 3 years later I bought the timing light I checked it … I re call that not a year as I thought it was i remembered…. Any of them older cars the big engines they need that 10 clockwise… the Bosch 123 caps are the best… I repaired all mine with new carbon buttons…… kept the good quality caps…. They never wear … what can fail is the carbon buttons…. I was getting close at curve B she missed fired…
i said ok has to be curve F she took that no problem…… from what i read on the forum …. It’s in her now 7 years that marvellous ignition never any hassle
…. You might this is nuts but i actually copied from the forum another car had on his MK2 same position… I did his position with the ignition…
I said I’ll try that she worked at that , 10 degrees out clock wise
…. Years later I checked the timing she’s spot on …
there’s a difference in positioning ,
from the negative earth & positive earth the 123 ignitions come in… both are 10 degrees but sometimes the positive earth is 10 degrees anticlockwise…. You’ll never turn back to old Lucas