123 mapping, what's it all about?

Got a new 123 dizzy and new non copper leads for my 2.4 mk 2 , but unsure how to set up the advance curve for this car . There is an internal setting which according to the instructions must be set first . Help please .

What version of the 123 do you have?
The 123/JAG-6-R-V ?
That is the one with jaguar curves, I use setting 1 for my 3.4L

Hi Peter , it’s the version for 2.4 , all it says is product 9449 , it will likely be different from yours .

Kenny Happy Thanksgiving!
If you have a NON blue toooth
Undo the Allen key nut on side of base and with glasses😃set to number 2!
If you have blue tooth
The blue wire must be ground then download app and set curve pm me your phone number if you like

Thank you Joey , it’s the non bluetooth version , so , no. 2 . Oh I definitely need glasses :nerd_face: thanks again .

Set to number 2
The advance vac pipe face firewall to be close
A hair clock wise or counter clock wise is about 4 degrees on timing
You’ll get it
Good luck!

Once you get going, if you want to have a play, draw out the advance curves for the 123’s 16 settings, then overlay the curve from your shop manual. From memory there are two knee points on the factory curve and one on each of the 16 on the 123. There are several that might suit. They run away a bit at higher revolutions. I have one on each of my 3.8 and 4.2 cars. You do have to remove it each time and work the little switch per Joey. FWIW. Paul.

Whoosh whoosh , that’s the sound of that stuff going over my head Paul . If it works on no. 2 that’s fine , otherwise I will change it . Thanks for the input though .