140 DHC screen trim

Has anyone here fitted a 140 windscreen lately?
I’ve checked Gary Lindstrom’s helpful photos in the archive, and he advises to fit the internal centre trim piece to the rubber gasket at the beginning, along with the glass, before installing. He says it’s impossible to fit after installation.
I have this piece, which is highly polished on the concave surface, but not finished at all on the convex. I would therefore assume the concave surface is the one that shows, which makes sense as the glasses are angled towards each other. But see the photo below, of this piece and the new gasket - is this right? No chance that’s going in there, as far as I can see, without making it narrower somehow! As ever, all advice gratefully received.

Also, just spotted this in Gary’s thread - any opinions? This is the more usual method for other cars…

Perhaps a stupid question from the old world.
When I had to replace a windscreen I did used a lot dishwasher liquid but
also a piece of rope.

  1. Place the rubber on the chassis
  2. Put the rope inside on the rubber together with the liquid
  3. Place the windscreen on top of the rubber
  4. Press hard on the screen
  5. Pull the rope slowley towards you.
  6. The screen pops in!!

Please give me your comments.

Christiaan van Nispen
XK 120 FHC jan '53

There were no comments on this from anyone.

I’ve just done a dummy run of this, and I have to question if Christiaan was fitting a screen to an XK, or something else! The glasses are larger than the aperture in the bodywork, so the glass cannot pass through to reach the slot it lives in. The slot is positioned on the inside of the aperture, so the glass has to be installed from the inside of the car. Heaven knows why Jaguar defied convention by doing this.
Do I have this right? A 140DHC/FHC screen glass is removed by pushing inwards, from the outside? Wouldn’t be great with a heavy bird strike…

Just a ‘bump’ - anyone got any tips on the interior centre screen trim piece?
I have both glass panes fitted into the rubber, but they don’t really slot into the centre piece of rubber - I presume I just have to work the rubber intbetween the panes once the whole lot’s in. But the centre trim - well, with the rubber moulding I have (apparently made in the US - Steele, perhaps?) and the stainless centre piece, it’s not going to happen before installation. My idea so far is to either cut this one down, or make another centre strip half the width of this one and just glue it to the rubber. The slot intended to hold it is very thin and way too narrow.
Hopefully someone can advise!