140 steering column

Could someone give me advice on dismantling the steering column on a XK140? I have the column on the bench, and have removed the circlip at the bottom, the bottom metal shroud and the spring inside it. At the top, I have removed the wheel, the large black lockring and the spring beneath that. I have also removed the small button allowing me to remove the inner column at the top. I am left with the lower section of the inner column inside the column outer tube, which has a ballrace at both ends. The lower ballrace is heavily rusted in the housing and to the inner column that seems to run through it.
Is it a case of drifting out the two ballraces from the outer column? Are the parts available to restore the column?

Hi Roger,

I have done this job and I did put some notes on my website. www.stretton.tv/steering.htm It was quite a while back but when I did it, the original style bearings were not available. Replacements came from CAC. They are not the same but they do fit.

I remember really struggling to get the top bearing out.

Hope this helps a bit.


Thanks Eric, that’s great. I hadn’t seen your website before - I’ve bookmarked it now. Lots of good information on there, thanks! I see Barratt’s have the bearings, but I’m always a bit wary of suppliers selling metric equivalents as ‘close enough’. Given the price, though, I suspect these are specially made.


Yes, tough to get apart . I bought my new bearings off the net , can’t remember where . My old ones felt "notchy* . The new ones didn’t seem any better . On the car I had forgotten this and have not noticed any problem .

When are you starting another ‘project’ Jim, miss your regular progress report on the last one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Funny you should ask … I am currently doing one of these oddballs . A Starcraft camper . I am not doing too many videos an no one is interested !

What’s it based on?.

We will get thrown off the forum for this!!! It’s a kit car from the 80’s based on Ford Cortina donor .

Just throw some stills onto the pub, they can’t touch us there :smiling_imp:

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