150 seat base dimensions

Hi all…re packing my seat based with new replacement foams…i have a great set of photos from BAS in the UK giving dimensions for E type seats but nothing for XK…if possible and you have fairly newish padded seats could you please pop a base up and give me the approx dimension of your xk base as shown in this E type photo…cheers…Steve
03 Seat Bottom Cover 109

My 150 measurement is 4 -

3/4 to the underside of the beading.
Also here is an underside photo showing the circle, my upholsterer places a stiff cardboard at the base for extra support.

Hi Morris…thanks for the reply…4 3/4 sounds good…i know it depends on the trimmer and how much they compress the foam…i have another post on seat base and replied on an old upholstery post re how hard/soft the replacement foams and cutting out holes in foam to make it feel more comfy…Steve

This is why im after dimensions…foamis 5in wood upstand at front 2 3/8… this would make the seat really high at the front…considering cutting bottom of foam so it fits flush to the wood base

Will go check the wood height for you. dont go away .

As I mentioned total height is 4 3/4, to underside of beading, you may need to cut foam or compress down to achieve the slight crown at the front of the seat. From bottom of metal seat frame its +/- 5 inches. See pictures,

Great info Morris…thanks very much…Steve