1936/37 SS Saloons in New Zealand

Can anyone help with any info on 1936/37 SS Saloons in New Zealand. A friend in Perth wants to get a spare wheel cover made for the Left Hand side mounted spare.
Or does anyone have a spare of one of these?

Also does anyone know where[EVW201] was located?

I have two parts of a cover for my '36 2.5 spare wheel; the steel ring that covers the inner sidewall, and the alloy cover that clamps over the tread and part of the outer sidewall. Unrestored condition; not for sale, but could send photos and dimensions if they would be of any use?
Chris Lovell-Smith
Dunedin NZ

thanks we are looking at getting one made at upper classics if we can’t find an original for sale

The picture shows a 1 1/2 litre Some aspects will be a little different for a 2 1/2 litre
There would be a lot of parts, work [ and $$ ] involved
Whitehorse Industries made SS1 cover years ago. Not identical but a similar basis for a start.

Contact Alan Blundell, co-ordinator of the NZSS and Mk V register.
I’m sure he can put you in touch with an owner there.
Although looking through some of their members cars I can’t find one with the cover.

Alan’s email is “Marie and Alan Blundell” marie.blundell@xtra.co.nz

Which might indicate that if someone tooled up to make them, there’d be a big enough market to spread the tooling costs a bit.

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I sure do love the look of those P100 headlights!

Unfortunately, they aren,t correct on 1836 models, originally they were QK596 as on SS100#

My my, Lucas was very advanced:)

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That might be their distributors you’re thinking of.