1936 SS 1.5 luvax dampers. wanted

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Description: Wanted. 4 Luvax vane type dampers (circular body) 100mm(4inches ) centres to fixing holes. Any condition, preferably with arms, but I have the links. I’m in Uk, but will pay shipping etc. Just bought the car in poor condition; it’s more or less complete, but dampers had been removed.

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Contact information: (44) 771 257 8724.

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You might try Aussie lister, Ed Nantes: he no longer posts here, but you can email him.

hello paul

Thanks for the reply

I’ve mentioned it to Ed in passing (in emails) but he made no mention, so i guess he doesn’t know of any. He’s a mine of info and contacts…knows every last nut and bolt. I guess there were more of these dampers originally here in the Uk…lots of cars had them, but I guess not many of those cars that would have been shipped to Oz.

Anyway…the ad is out there…so let’s see

Best wishes


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Hullo Terry,

Congratulations on your acquisition and you will be in for a long but satisfying ride to get where you need to be. We, as a group, must be a defacto preservation society.

I could have a pair to suit and will dig them out of the bins in a day or so. I purchased them some years ago on a gamble they would help with a different car I have, either whole or as parts. They don’t.

I will take the major dimensions and a few photos and get back to you. From my misty memory, they have short arms so would suit the front axle.


hey Peter…thats great…!!

Mine have two mounting holes per damper. The attached pic is taken from the internet…and i’ve only just noticed that one set is cranked.

whatever yours are like…I guess the arms can be changed when they are being restored

As U can see…the cars in a bit of state…been in a friends garage for 40 years…maybe been standing since the war.

possibly looks worse than it is…given that its obviously a total resto job though

Rear wood all gone behind rear door pillar, below the window line. Door frames and roof timber all good.

Ply to dash gone

Engine probably lightly seized (dont have a starting handle to check)…and engine due to go off for rebuild in 2021
Am trying to make up a handle from a short one from a standard 12

Steel body and doors etc all Ok…few small holes in front wings and edges of wings where they bolt to chassis are frayed

Chassis all good…mostly original paint

Interior all gone…but seats and door cards are there and wood trim is in Ok condition.
Interior door/window handles have been wrenched off…as if unaware of pin fixings and the handles are broken at the back

They are obtainable NOS…but a bit pricy as a complete set

It will keep me occupied for some time

Anyway…I look forward to hearing from you

where are you based ?/




I’m in Australia. I don’t know what particular make mine came from but it could be many of the larger cars, say, above 1.5L and 1tonne. I’ll rummage around today and report back.

The major dimensions are:
Body diameter 4"
Mounting hole centres 5-1/8"
Mounting hole diameter 1/2".

I don’t think these are suitable. I initially read your note as the body diameter being 4".

If you try Vintage and Classic Shock Absorbers (VCSA) in the UK, I’m sure they can help. They fixed me up with service kits, parts and a missing unit.

Hi there. I think the ones you have may be eg for the Standard 20. I’ve been in touch with the people you mentioned. They are going to try to sort me out some, If they can, but they really only do exchange or recon your own now, and I don’t have any to exchange. Anyway thanks for trying. Regards Terry

Thanks for the feedback Terry. Another call could be posted on other forums (fora?) covering other British marques, particularly prewar, as these would have been common across many vehicles.

I do need to part with the ones I have, so it will be helpful to know the type of car such as the Standard 20 you mention.


Hello Peter

i just remembered that my old 1939 Lucas parts book has info on some years of cars (about 1934-39) with Luvax dampers

SO…see attached

In my early days of buying stuff for my SS ie Oct-Nov 2020…I inadvertently bought two larger dampers like yours ( I still have them to sell)…thinking they were all same size

The Standard Motor Club in UK said they might be from an old Standard 20 Teignmouth saloon…but it was just a guess. This was before I bought the lucas catalogue.

I must now dig them out and see if their number is in the catalogue

Anyway…hope the attached helps

If you come across anyone who has anything that night be useful for the 1936 SS 1.5…let me know…


PS. Happy New Year