1937 1 1/2 SS on bring-a-trailer

Hi There is a decent looking SS sedan on Bring a Trailer. I’ve been impressed by the variety of cars listed, and sold, on BAT. Many E types at strong prices. We’ll see how this SS fares. Dave

Chassis number is 21033.

Looks like a pretty clean restoration. Ed Nantes is mentioned as “reportedly” having done the engine in 2006. I guess the seller doesn’t want to guarantee anything as being true.
It has a fabric sunroof and fabric over the roof area behind the sunroof. Is that true of all coachbuilt SS Jaguar saloons?

BAT said “reportedly.”

I just emailed Ed, to see if it’s a valid claim.

Sure would be a nifty grocery getter!

My best friend, Rich F, bought this for $50k, partly because it seems to be a good price vs restoration costs. It will be delivered in two weeks. He has multiple Jaguars including an SS100 and used to own an SS2. Rich and I are both 6’ 4" tall, so I’ll get a photo of the two of us driving it… Dave