1938 SS Saloon Fuel Filler Hose Cover

Something fell out of my trunk (boot) and made me realize it’s time to do something about that hole on the left side.

I believe there is supposed to be a cover over that filler hose and supply tube.
All 3 engine sizes used the same fuel tank in '38-39 so I imagine they all had the cover.
This is for the models with the swing down rear bumper.
I looked in all three SPCs for '38-'39 models and did not find anything about the luggage compartment floor.
It is probably a 3 dimensional shape like a pyramid.
I can make one if I knew what it was like.
Is there anyone in a position to give me a picture or two?

When I made the floor I had to guess by trial and error about that shape of the cutout, so I may not have guessed right. I can make the floor again if I have to.

Hi Rob, Here’s the part you are looking for. (I don’t have one either.)

These are frame grabs from video. Sorry, neither is particularly clear.

The MkIV has a different shape that is rounded rather than pyramidic.



Thanks Peter. That confirms that it is a pyramid.
I think I can make that. Will post it when I do.

Interesting that the post WWII cars had these fuel filler pipe covers “rounded”, and not pyramid shape with formed edges - maybe the factory had some new machinery?