1938 SS Saloon Mirror

(Rob Reilly) #1

This is what came with the car. It is 8" wide and 2-7/16" high with curved glass, has two swivels and is adjustable for length. The chrome base piece is marked PROV PAT.
The installation seems to be original.
Any identification or opinions?

The panoramic view seems like a good idea as the car has no wing mirrors.

(Ed Nantes) #2

The mirror seems to be a ring in
Attached pics of the factory sort DRiving a MK SS on the wrong side of the road will be tricky. WE are facinga similar but reversed issue here. A LHD MK IV DHC. Yous isn’t quite as bad as the saloon has a better rear window
I tend to find wing mirrors a bit like looking through the wrong end of a telescope
Although I drove my MK IV for decades with only the inside mirror, I have now added an outside. I seea lot of Mk IVs etc with added mirrors and there are some shocking mismatches of style. Modern Holden mirrors that are probably quite ultilitarian but ugly.

I used a Raydot oval mirror of the same style the factory used on SS 100s and some SS1s and I think it fits in in style and works quite well.

With the interior mirrors, they are occasionaly available on ebay uk, but the come with more than one type of base. Different angled depending on where itis mounted. The Mk IV DHC e.g. mounts on the

header rail and is different o the saloon which mounts on the dash.


Hi all,

is eBay the only source of finding interior mirror of a DHC?


(Ed Nantes) #4

The only one I know of . Like a lot of things, you just have to keep looking. I
I’ll get a pic of what the right base is on the one for a DHC

(Rob Reilly) #5

I heard from someone offline who said he thought my mirror in my '38 was a Lucas type 542/47 (Lucas code 580892).
Does that jive with anybody’s pre-war Lucas catalogues?

(Ed Nantes) #6

The DHC mirror is the same as the saloon except that the mounting pedestal is bet to allow it to sit on te header rail at the top of the windscreen
Ian Mullins had some of the DHC pedestals lost wax cast and these can be used to convert a saloon mirror to a DHC . They are very nice castings. I have spoken to him and he has one casting [unplated] still available.
Attached are pics of a DHC mirror [ mad eup with the repro pedestal.