1939 3.5 litre SS

Not creating a real topic here bit I thought I would share as I dont get to see these cars everyday. I was at a car-show today and saw this car. I thoight I would share.

I think if i was to pose a question (even though you don’t see it very well) is that steering wheel original?

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EMF 310 is a genuine original 3.5 litre SS100. The steering wheel isn’t correct. The wheel should look like this:

Not like this:

Also, I wouldn’t expect to see a trafficator switch but I guess that’s bowing to modern safety requirements.


Ah ha thank you, it didn’t think it looked right to me, otherwise does the car look original. ? I tried to talk to the owner but couldn’t find him.
Non the less still an amazing looking machine.

It wouldn’t have had those fog lamps when it left the factory and the black characters on white number plates are a bit weird.


Thanks for sharing those pix, Gary.
It is chassis 39117, originally delivered to Poland, then Sweden, which may explain the black on white plates.
Originally it would have only had the right hand tail lights, known as owl’s eyes. Only one tail and one brake light were required at the time. The left hand tail lights and number plate bracket are add-ons, bowing to modern practicality.
Ed Nantes would no doubt find a few more things.


Thank you, I’m definitely the student here. It is not my intention to pick on any car . I love and appreciate your guys knowledge. I always want to learn about these wonderful machines.
Thank you again.

I am not familiar with the SS set-up, however in the Jaguar Autobook One Manual operation 139 regarding the steering wheel set up, please find the attached.
The 10 and 2 o’clock set up looks better, alas is the book incorrect?
DavidSteering wheel.pdf (517.2 KB)

Hi David,

I don’t think you should read anything into the angle of the wheel with the green dashboard. It’s probably just because the road wheels are not pointing straight ahead.

You can mount the steering wheel at any angle you like for straight ahead but the trafficator cancelling will only work correctly in the one orientation with the steering wheel spokes at 12, 3,6,9 o’clock positions.



Thank you for clarifying this.

Do you know something more about the Polish beginnings of this car? Who was its owner in Poland?

Hi Slawek,

No idea about names, but you can surely find out who was “Minister of marine” in Poland on Sept. 1st 1939.



The slit in the wheel hub should be on the bottom with the wheels set dead ahead, so you won’t be seeing this slit all the time.
The spokes will thus be at 3, 6, 9 and 12.
The Service Manual is probably referring to the steering alignment operation, wherein you want the wheel set so you have equal swing both ways. Assuming the wheel was already set by the factory, you would then end up with the spokes at 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Hi Pekka, thanks.
The Second World War began on September 1, 1939, and that day Germany invaded Poland. I wonder if the car went to the Polish or German minister.

Hi Slawek,

Sorry I know. The Polish one, the car was delivered two weeks before the German attack, or so it says there. Amazing that these cars survived. Millions of people did not. :frowning:


Having difficulty loading some more pictures but let me try this again.

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One more try


HI Pekka, thanks, clear. Have a nice week!

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I expect the alloy flip-top Monza fuel cap would be one of them…

The photo isn’t very clear but it looks OK to me.

Indeed. My apologies. I thought they used the same type as the Tourer