1947 Jaguar mark 4 3.5

I just got in trade a 1947 Mark 4 3.5. It is in fair condition for sitting for over 44 years. It had been stored inside in the exact same spot for at least 40 years. It has a flat head six cylinder chrysler engine installed. Other than that all appears to be original Jaguar. I have been into old cars for many years, this is my first Jag. Looking for advice, manualsand any help that I can get. Thanks jamesdeath

Does it retain a the original 4 speed manual transmission?


Welcome James. Tell us all about it. What is the chassis number, engine number, body number? You can post pictures here by clicking on the box with the up arrow and following the prompts.

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Yes, the transmission appears to be original as does the rest of the drive train.

The engine number is for a 1953 chrysler I will post that number next week. Where would I find chassis and body numbers?

There should be a plate containing engine, chassis and body numbers mounted on the starboard side above where the rear bonnet catch is located. If this is not present then you might see a small embossed label near to the same location that has the body number on it.

The chassis number is stamped on the port side on the outside chassis wall just above the front spring shackle.


I don’t know that any of us on this forum know all that much about early Chryslers, although we will try to help. Pictures of any engine conversion are always interesting to see.
We are really more interested in the original Jaguar engine number, as sometimes we can learn things by tracing patterns in how engines were assigned to different cars. It will be a letter and some numerals; for example mine are L205 and T8911.
The chassis number is 5 or 6 numerals; mine are 40051 and 627933.
We can direct you to service manuals and parts catalogues when we are sure what specific model you have.

Thanks for the data location. I will look. I will take pictures of the adaption. It looks seamless.
The engine was removed about 50 years ago at least three owners back. I have found out that the engine is a 1953 218 ci. I would rather have an original Jag engine, but this is what I have and am moving forward to putting this beautiful car back on the road.