1948 Jaguar MK IV DHC

Considering purchase of the automobile. Inspection and test drive in a few days.

Great! :+1:

Take a close look at the JDHT certificate if the seller has it, it can be seen, but is not readable in the old pics on www.saloondata.com

The data plate is a restamped repro, so figuring out the right body number and chassis number for sure would be a good idea. Sorry I don’t know where you could find the chassis number on the chassis, as I believe it’s different than a MKV (which is what I have.)


PS. This is what the original body tag on the scuttle should look like:


They get lost in repaints and restorations however. (mine did too).

If you buy the car there may be other places in the car’s body where the original body number may be written or stamped (/the back of the instrument panel, the wood parts of the rear passenger compartment etc.)

And this is what an original data plate with factory stampings looks like:


It even has the separate gearbox plate, which was not always there, even from the factory.

The chassis number on a '48 Mark IV should be located on the left front.
chassis number location on Mark IV
Looking at it on saloondata.com there is an inaccurate Bonhams auction blurb describing it as a Mark V.
Engine number is on the right side on a flat boss just above the starter motor.

This may be important because some states such as Calif used to title by engine number, and if this car no longer has the original engine number, you would want to be sure the title is by chassis number.
The body number tag does not match the ID plate.

Maybe the Heritage Certificate will explain which is correct.
There was a gearbox number tag above the ID plate but it seems to be gone now. I suppose somebody reproduces those.

It looks like it has had a color change in the last couple of years. I thought it was two different cars, one misplaced, which can happen on saloondata, but the UK registration is the same. Certainly the wheels and tires are changed.

This would be the 12th LHD 3-1/2 Liter DHC produced of 376 in that particular configuration.


Exactly, that’s why I find it a bit weird it has DHC body nr 1045. Most of the other early post-war DHC’s have the numbers in sequence or at least very close.

Great that you saw the body tag, it looks original and says very clearly “C1045”.

Maybe the chassis number would be 637042, 637043 or 637045 instead of 637012???

It would not be the first time someone made a mistake like that. JHT has all the numbers so they would know which chassis and engine that body C1045 originally was attached to at the Foleshill plant.

637014 clearly has original body number C1015.

Also I am very intetested on the build date.

It would seem the very first LHD Jaguars were MKIV 4-cyl 1 1/2 Litres for continental Europe and then in the summer of 1947 they made a few 3 1/2 Litre Saloons, for unknown reasons (testing? waiting for new air filters and oil filters needed?) for a few months almost no LHD cars until about November 1947 LHD production for USA export models began with Saloons followed by DHC’s the next month.

The New York Auto show photos I have (from Hoffman I think) from 1949 show a Black MKV Saloon but a grey MKIV DHC as MKV DHC production really did not start before early 1950.

I don’t know if anyone knows the reasons, I will read Allan Crouch’s and Barrie Price’s books again once I find the time.


Thanks. Will look for it when the car is inspected.


You’re welcome, good luck.

@Rob_Reilly @Peter_Scott and others may chime in, but now that I looked at the data plate again, I am pretty sure the body number is C1045 AND the chassis number is 637042 (and not 637012).

I hope the original stamping on the chassis would verify this.


Good catch, Pekka. The same car is shown on saloondata as 637042, so once again we are reminded to be careful of false identities on that site.
John, let us know what you find. The webmaster on saloondata is willing to make corrections, but only if they are well verified.

BTW where do I find the factory colors offered for (LHD) MK IV DHC in 1948? I am not sure that its current color (Sherwood Green?) is a proper factory color. The only green I see listed that year according to my references was Suede Green and this car is no that color.

Hi Pekka, I agree totally.


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I don’t know if there is a color list on any of these brochures.

Here is one for Mark V and XK120.

This is the 1949 published color list.
http://www.jag-lovers.org/brochures/bro1949/jag_48_19_l.jp g
from this brochure.
Jag-lovers brochures - an Xk120/Mark V Page

Interesting and surprising. Now I am a bit confused at the car’s provenance. Will be interesting to see the car in person and check all the available numbers and documentation.

Will do. I will take copious notes and more photos.

For those interested in factory original Paint, Interior and Hood colours of Mark IV Jaguars, see attached listing supplied to me some years ago. The first listing covers all Mark IVs, Saloons and DHC, RHD and LHD, and 1-1/2, 2-1/2 & 3-1/2 litre. There was in addition a couple only Special Orders of non-standard paint and/or interior colours.
The second listing that gives the actual count of each combination, only applies to the 55 RHD DHCs that were exported new to Australasia, so predominantly Australia, with five to NZ, two to Siam, and one each to India and Japan - all RHD markets of course… if anyone has one of these 55 DHCs, get in touch with me direct, and I can advise full details of your specific car…

MARK IV Paint Colours and Combinations.pdf (99.9 KB)

So there is no mystery now as to what are the authentic Mark IV colours, with some indication of relative popularity…

See my earlier advice on all Mark IV factory original colours.
But yes, you are right - the only Green offered was SUEDE GREEN … looks like your car has been repainted and a colour change…

Yes, thanks. Apparently the car 673012 (or 673042) I am considering originally was Lavender Gray with a silver/black interior. It is now something call Sherwood Green (?) with a tan interior.

Suede Green

Lavender Grey from Allan Crouch’s book. His own car.


Terrific! Thanks. I will have to buy Crouch’s book if it is still available. (Maybe we’re distant cousins.)

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Hello John,

Here is a link to Abe Books in the USA where you can see and buy both of his books.


By the way, this is Sherwood Green. Not sure what the colour of the DHC might be called? Possibly one that a previous owner liked. I quite like it actually.


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637012 was Lavender Grey with Silver-Black interior and Maroon hood when new
637042 was Black with Pigskin interior and Dark Sand hood when new

When you look very closely at your ID Plate, it now looks like Chassis No is 637042 with a broken number-stamp for the digit ‘4’ - it happened. If you look at your BODY No it looks like C1045, again with the same broken number-stamp, but you can see that it is not the same as the digit ‘1’ alongside. Your BODY NO TAG - clearly shows as being C1045 so that matches your CHASSIS PLATE. But clearly it looks like you have a replacement Engine SL3046 instead of original SL2562 as per your Chassis Plate - but again that’s common, and indeed you are fortunate to have a correct Mark IV engine built up as for a LHD car (as per the second prefix letter ‘L’), and one made only a couple months later than your original, but as good as it gets short of still having original…

Got it. Appreciate the additional information.