1948 Mark IV, partially completed frame up restoration project

Health Issues make finding a new owner for this 1948 Mark IV necessary. Have had the car for many years, and done/had done a fair amount of work on it in that time. It is a California car, essentially rust free (except for light surface rust). Most importantly it is complete.
The body has not been worked on yet, except for some chrome work - bumpers, knock off spinners, etc. The radiator grill has not yet been done, but is very sound and straight. The body is on a rolling wood frame with doors attached. All glass is intact and door panels still on. The frame has been painted, and fitted with front and rear axle, and un-restored wheels. The differential was gone through professionally many years ago, as was the transmission. At it’s present stage (almost a rolling chassis), the next steps are brake system assembly and steering. The appropriate brake parts are painted or powder coated, so ready for assembly. One new brake rod needs to be made, and have the raw rod stock for it. The cylinder head has been professionally done - valves and valve seats, etc. The engine is basically at the short block assembled stage , with new pistons, bearings, cam, etc. The seats/springs have been de-rusted in a specialty dip tank that safely removes rust, but does not damage spring ties, etc. I have all the leather and carpet to do the seats and interior. Fenders are sound, with a couple of dings that will need to be addressed as part of bodywork/painting. Lots of work done, but lots of work still to do. Looking for someone to take on as a project. Will require more than a trailer to transport, or multiple trips. Some sample photos included. More photos available. Asking price is highly negotiable … make an offer please (US Dollars).

Yreka, CA
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Dave Coon, Please use Personal Messaging on the forum.
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To be determined
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