1948 MK IV DHC Need Help Attaching Fronts of Roof Rails to Windshield Posts

When attempting to fasten the top to the windshield, each of the 2 side roof rails appear as if they are about 1/4" too short to slide into the accepting slot on the top of ea windshield post. The top does not have any extra play to allow it to come further forward.
Anyone have any experience solving this attachment problem?

Hi Everett,

In my experience all convertibles have a problem that the hood / soft top is folded down for too long and shrinks. I keep the top always up on my E-type except when I am driving.

On my MKV DHC it took me a week of wetting the fabric top and using a lot of force and tools to get the top to meet the wndscreen top rail.


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Greetings everyone,
It’s been awhile since I restored my MK IV DHC, however I remember, small adjustments can be accomplished at the turnbuckle behind the inside panels on the left and right side of the back seat. It is forward of the red counter spring tube in the photo.

These panels are easily removed after lifting the back seat.
The first thing is to check how tight the top appears when attempting to attach it to the windshield. Is the top made of vinyl or cloth?
Good luck,

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Hi Pekka,
Thanks for answering. I’m glad you understood my dilemna and that I’m not the only one who encountered this (bad design). For all the mechanical challenges w Jaguars that we encounter, I suppose we could have quite an extensive list of “bad designs” but there’s nothing left to do but find solutions.
I also surmised what you said–that the top may have shrunk a bit because it was indeed down for a long time. I’m surprised the issue still existed all the way up to E-type Jags though !
Thanks again. I will try some wetting and the weather is also warming up now too.

Thanks for your informative reply, Popop! The picture looks to show an area behind one of the wheel wells and possibly inside the trunk. I’m not sure I can access this easily (har har) but now I have a possible solution. I will check this out !
Thanks again,

Hi Everett,
The turn buckle is actually forward of the wheel well, right behind the hinge post of the right door, as pointed out in the photo. There is the same turnbuckle adjustment on the left side for left top adjustment.

This issue exist with vinyl tops not only with E-Types but also on other British cars, ie… MGs.

Hi Popop ,
Sorry I didn’t see your ongoing reply right away. I did mistakenly think that was the trunk. But now that you clarified it’s behind the door post, my question is how does one get into that area? Are there turnbuckles on both sides of the car?

Hi Everet,

There is one turnbuckle on each side. (right and left)

Access is not difficult.
1- Just Lift-out the bottom back seat.

2- Remove the walnut trim pieces on top of each side panels
3- Remove the panels. They just click out. Unless someone decided to screw them into the frame.

And voila. full access to turnbuckle adjustments.

ps; It’s been awhile since I restored my IV, and don’t remembers removing any other pieces required for access.

Good luck. Let me know the results.


Hi Popop,
Thanks for the additional details. Sorry I didn’t realize you had actually provided most of the
necessary info in your first reply !
I’ll give this a shot though now that the weather’s nice I’ll be keeping the top open.
I’ll let you know what transpires. I’m also considering redoing the top but I’m not trying for concours magnificence either so am wrestling w how much restoration to do. The original back window was enlarged and the original window was one of the details about this model that I really admired.
The meta information from the 1992 restoration talked about the Haartz top fabric being the last available (grey cloth) but that may have been only a temporary situation and suitable material of similar quality may be available I hope.
Thanks again,
Take care,