1948 MK4 Grill Problem

New to the site and my first post. I have a 1948 MK4 Drophead that has had it’s share of questionable parts additions and upgrades. I have spent many years working on E-types but the knowledge base on early solid axle cars is minimal.

My first question is the on the grill. I have a shell but missing the grill bars. Purchased a spare complete MK4 grill from the UK. It is confirmed that it is a MK4 but it is about 2" narrower than the one that was on the car. Bonnet matches the wider grill.

Any thoughts? Could the grill be an early SS Grill ? Did MK4 come with different grills through their model run?

I would also be interested is anyone have grill slats or a complete grill fr sale.


At least two radiator shells were in use for the “Mark IV”. The parts catalog lists BD.987 for the 2 1/2 and BD.152 for the 3 1/2 on 1946-1948 cars.

The 3.5 Litre grills are wider than the 2.5 litre ones. I don’t know about the 1.5 litre ones.

I have both 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 MK IV cars , the grille on the 3 1/2 are 2 slats wider.

Roger, Denis, David, thank you for clearing up my problem.

If I can find a 3.5 grill bar set I can leave the the 2.5 intact hopefully for it to find a home where it fits. If I do not find one I will have to use what I can from the 2.5 and reproduce the remainder.

So if anyone reading this has a contact for a 3.5 grill or the insert please share it.


I’ll ask about a grille.The trick when rechroming them is the slats are tabbed in.
Original chroming on new items was nickel/ chrome. oftemn modern plating is triple plate Copper/ nickel/ chrome. The copper handy to fill pit marks , scratches etc before blocking back .
But copper makes the brass hard and so bending the tabs to reassemble more likely to break So ideally depending on circumstance , oe might like to mask off the tabs when copper plating [ if copper plating is needed] and anneal just the tab, The chrome may also make the tab thicker and need filing back to fit in the slot. And as they were originally fixed in with solid rivets, drilling these out usually results in the holes now being out of round and a bit ove r size. So the last one we replaced them using BS screws and nuts,
The 2 types of MK IV 3 1/2 grilles were later,for some unknown reason made grilles with a longer nose and although they list a different set of badge wings, the earlier still fit the later.
Personally I find the later ones a bit odd. and it appears the change was reversed for MK Vs.
Also unfortunately MK 5 vanes area different profile so no good as a donor.

Ed, thank you for the precise reply. Your first line “I’ll ask about a grille” means that you know where there possibly is one ? That would be a great thing if one is around. Look forward for hearing about it.


Where are you located.? Ian Mullins has some 3 1/2 grilles available.

Ed, I am located outside Detroit. Certainly have no issue shipping no matter where the parts are.

I do not know of Ian Mullins, could you supply some contact info for him ?


I may be interested in buying what appears to be a 2.5 litre grill from you Rick, although I would need to confirm that the slats were still available.

John, I am not going to violate the 2.5 Grille. If I can’t find a suitable 3.5 Grille or slats I will just reproduce some. Send me an email address and I will forward you some photos of the 2.5.