1949 Mark IV 2.5 Litre Saloon for sale on Car and Classic

‘Perfect condition’ mentioned twice in the listing. 100-point restoration car. In Spain.

Nice looking car on the outside.

One of 190 LHD 2.5 Liter saloons made. Did they give the chassis number?

Are two fuel pumps correct on later 2.5s?
Mine has only one.

No specific info about the car other than claiming it’s perfect. No chassis number. Data plate visible in one blurry photo, but illegible.

"For sale in perfect condition, particular to sell this restored jewel at 100 points, elegance with all the letters, a majestic car and in perfect condition, maintained, ordinary original registration, you can visit if you wish, I can send anywhere in the world. urgent to sell.

Data sheet


Layout: Front, Cross
Type: gasoline.
Number of cylinders: 6, in line.
Displacement (cc): 2, 664
Power: 102 hp. at 4, 600 rpm.
Fuel supply: two S. U. carburettors.

Traction: Rear.
Change: Manual four gears and reverse gear. Synchronized the II, III and IV.
Clutch: Dry single disc.
Rear Group Ratio:4. 87:1

Type: freestanding, two steel beams with three center braces.
Body type: Saloon (salon) with four doors and five seats.
Front and rear suspension: rigid axles, semi-elliptic leaf spring and Lucas Girling piston and lever damper.
Steering: Burman Douglas screw and cam.
Brakes: Girling four-wheel drums.
Dimensions and masses

Length: 4, 790mm.
Width: 1, 710mm.
Height: 1, 560mm.
Tracks: 1, 375 mm. (front) and 1, 415 mm. (behind).
Battle: 3, 050 mm.
Empty weight (tare): 1, 620 kg.
Maximum allowable weight (mma): 2, 060 kg.
Wheels and tires: 5. 25/ 5. 50 x 18

Maximum speed: 140km/ h.
Acceleration 0-80 km/ h: 10. 6 seconds.
Acceleration 0, 400 meters: 20. 6 seconds.

The Jaguar Mk IV, with a 2. 5-litre engine, Saloon version, with left-hand drive, were manufactured between September 1947 and December 1948.
A total of 11, 952 Jaguars were built between 1946 and 1949."

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