1950 Jag rat rod SBC

well now this looks different, and a bit intriguing.

Yes it does. There’s no going backwards on this one. The PO had an interesting vision. In the rat rod realm, this is pretty cool!

That’s a looooong ways away to usable.

Hope it gets finished… be better if it had an XK engine…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would be nice tocsee an xk powerplant.
If this was $2k, I’d probably be a player.
Gonna be a tough sell at that price point methinks

Yea: seller has the usual CL delusions of grandeur.

isn’t this a mark v? i don’t think a mark III was ever a thing aside from prototype #3?

My attention was to the Jeep Pickup in the back ground Had one around here circa 75. BC powered, a bit rough, but, tons of fun… Climb like a goat, pull like an ox. Indeed, puled some unwanted EUc stumps…