1951 120 XK OTS Tools

Good afternoon all, I have been laid up for the past 2 weeks with a bad back , anyway to put in the time I searched on line for the a proper tool kit for my 51 120 OTS , no luck so far . would any of you gents have up close photos of the correct snail , superslim spanners /wrench’s, as I have 3 superslim Made in England ones . if anyone has a complete kit it would be great to see photos of some kits.

So no reply from anyone so far, hoping this will kick start this thread . I have more boxes and buildings to search for tools, this is what I have found so far. the super slim wrench’s should say British Made and not Made in England, from what I am reading they are very hard to get and king dick is wrong but not sure about the rest . can anyone let me know about the rest . Look at the last Photos Emmerson has updated the jaguar tools that should be in all the cars. All books and Papers will have to be updated.


I have fully written up XK120 Tool Kits in a number of publications, and always, it really depends on how accurate you want to be - exactly correct for a particular year of XK120, or simply something approximate…

See attached photo of the three SUPERSLIMs - note their length being ‘short’ variants especially made for JAGUAR, and with BRITISH MADE on them.

Your picture shows the common normal SUPERSLIM as supplied to all general users, and are ‘longer’ and show MADE IN ENGLAND on them - these are simply NOT CORRECT for an XK120

The two SNAIL spanners, again really depends on how correct or not you want to be - SNAIL was a very prolific/common brand that made hundreds of different spanners over the 1930s to 1960s, so again you want the exact correct ones as used by the XK120 in 1949-54 as Jaguars part number C.998 and C.999… see photo, these two are 100% correct XK120

Note in particular for the XK120 period, the three largest sizes must show W and F, thus for example 3/16W1/4F, although the smallest size is always just 1/8W (there is a reason).
If you see BS instead of F, thus 3/16W1/4BS then it postdates XK120 thus is NOT correct, and if it shows all sizes with just the single W size, as in 3/16W only, then it is pre-war, thus again not XK120 correct.

But there was a complication with the C.998 as XK120s often had a non-SNAIL branded alternative to the SNAIL branded one also found…, but most restorers prefer a matching pair of SNAILS as per my photo…

The other tools you picture, include some that are XK120 suitable, others are not - but again it depends whether you want to be accurate, or simply near enough…

My tyre levers have:
all in one stamping, not individual letter stamps.
tools 003

Here is the smallest open spanner, 1/8W - 3/16W on one side and nothing on the reverse side.
tools 004

Tyre pump, slight difference from yours in that mine has a longer handle and brass parts at the top where yours appear to be aluminum?
tools 039

Plastigun, I believe there is only one version of the body, though it can be found with different end fittings.
tools 035

BTW I think that last set of tools are for working on plastic Jaguars. :grin:

All original ‘Plastigun’ C.991 Grease Guns as fitted to only early XK120s up to September 1951 date-of-manufacture, always had a Hydraulic Connector, thus the H suffix in their GB.2750H code as shown in the Spare Parts Catalogue - see that pictured below…, note there are variations to the knurling pattern over their period of Jaguar Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VII and XK120 use 1945 to 1951


The two in Robs photo are not ex-Jaguar, one showing the far more commonly found smaller Tecazerk Connector.

But if your XK120 dates after September 1951 you should have the superseding C4560 GB2788 Grease Gun as shown below…, but noting the earlier flush Connector (Sept 1951 to mid 1953)) and later cylindrical Connector (mid 1953 to June 1955 XK140s)

That’s great information gentlemen thank you very much , my Car was built May of 51 . Rodger how can I acquire a copy of your write ups on XK tools as I still have many buildings and boxes of tools/ parts , also at our Military collection/ Museum, I remember a black pump that the more I get thinking about may be the one out of my Jag. if I had a more in-depth knowledge of what the correct tools are it would really help with sorting.
again thank you all for your help

Probably the best available XK Tools write up is the complete Chapter I wrote back in 2012 for Philip Porter’s book - ORIGINAL JAGUAR XK, but it must be the Revised 3rd Edition with a photo of a metallic pastel blue RHD aluminium roadster on the front cover. Being 10 years ago, I have further developed this Chapter but its still accurate with no errors. If/when there is a 4th Edition of book I will update my chapter, albeit that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future - this book remains the best available book on XK120/140/150 Originality overall.
More recently I did write up XK120 tools in the totally revised JCNA XK120 Judges Guide, and indeed the follow up book I co-authored with Bob Sheridan - JAGUAR XK120 AUTHENTICITY REFERENCE GUIDE - published in 2018. The detail is more abbreviated commensurate with Concours Judging realities, but still accurate. This book is still available, direct from Bob Sheridan for those in North America.
Otherwise, I am always happy to answer any specific questions on any model SS or Jaguar tool kits, and indeed have just self published a comprehensive 40 page booklet on Mark IV (1945-49) Tool Kits, and at present half way through a chapter on E-type Tool Kits for a new edition of ORIGINAL JAGUAR E-TYPE to be published later this year…

More books on order , thank you Rodger

Can anyone confirm if this pump is the Real McCoy for the 120 Jaguars. books will are a few weeks away. just cant seem to wait.

The books are certainly a good start, but my resercah into Tyre Pumps has developed considerably since they were published, so wont include current position on Tyre Pumps - fortunately I have only just had a really close look at Tyre Pumps being part of my current Book in progress on Mark V Saloon Tool Kits which cover January 1949 to July 1951 period specifically, but I always cover the earlier and later boundries, so still very relevant to the 1949 to 1954 XK120 Period…

The TYRE PUMP and FLEX is Jaguar Part No C.993, and these were used by SS Cars and Jaguar over the 1930s SS Jaguar Period and also Mark IV, Mark V and XK120 1945 to 1954, so as you can imagine there were several significant changes to what was essentially the same functional C.993 pump, that I identify as VARIANTS by adding a SUFFIX LETTER, for example C.993/a is the first variant Pump as introduced in 1936. Over the full period of SS and Jaguar use, I identify SIX distinct different variants, that I identify as C.993/a to C.993/f.

Your XK120 is May 1951, so the attached photo that I have prepared for my Mark V Tool Kits booklet is totally relevant… for a May 1951 XK120 you should have the fourth variant C.993/d Tyre Pump…

THe key issues for a C.993/d pump are…

  1. The timber handle is painted BLACK as shown - earlier ones are clear varnish…
  2. The top cap sealing the main tube is made of machined brass as pictured, noting only the last /f variant has a cast alloy cap. (Note - there is never an exposed/visible spring underneath the handle and above the cap where you can also see a brass/knurled Nut.
  3. The Folding Feet should have the diagonal or chevron grooves in them, and not the earlier straight cross grooving.
  4. The thread for the Flex is a female 3/8" BSC thread (British Standard Cycle)

So your latest photos of a Tyre Pump do indeed look to be a correct C.993/d Tyre Pump that is correct for your May 1951 XK120.
But I note, the earlier photos you posted, including one of a tyre pump looks to have a later cast-alloy top cap - so not suitable for your XK120…

Next issue however is the FLEX (or the braided hose with brass fittings either end).
This gets very complicated as although Jaguar used only FOUR different FLEX over the 1936 to 1954 period, there were many other tyre pump manufacturer’s who had similar but different FLEX, so you need to be careful if obtaining a FLEX separately from a Jaguar Tyre Pump as it could be anything.
So the SS Cars and Jaguar Flex variants I identify as -Fa to -Fd (totally my system, as Jaguar does not provide any separate part number as the FLEX is included as part of a C.993 Tyre Pump and Flex.

Having said that, for your May 1951 XK120 you should have the fourth variant -Fd FLEX, so overall you should have a C.993/d-Fd Tyre Pump and Flex

Your pictured FLEX is what I call a -Fc Flex, so dates more correct for a 1950 Mark V/XK120 than for your May 1951 XK120. See following photo from my Mark V booklet that explains…

A -Fd Flex incorporates the 3/8"BSC hexagon fitting for the PUMP connection (as per yours), but should have the later Schrader Universal fitting for the Tyre Valve end - you have the early Schrader fitting, thus your Flex assembly is a -Fc.
Like everything its up to you what level of detail/accuracy matters to you or not, and indeed my existing writings on XK120 Tool Kits don’t yet go into this level of detail for the Tyre Pump and Flex, and at this stage my Mark V Tool Kits booklet does not look like being completed/published until late this year, and then being specifically for Mark V will not circulate much amongst XK120 owners…

Regardless, if/when you get around to restoring your Tyre Pump and Flex, you will find no one supplies accurate reproduction FLEX assemblies, as although you can re-use your original fittings and clips, you will need an accurate reproduction braided hose (re colour, material and braiding pattern). But I can help, after ongoing frustration at what was available with reproduction hoses, I decided to get my own made up in Australia, that after my own needs were satisfied I have a number of surplus lengths of accurate reproduction hose available for sale (to recover my outlay) … but contact me direct if interested…

Hi there,
just as an info,

I have listed a few original Jaguar tools XK 120 and E Type on ebay

XK British Made

Or check directly here on my website
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Click on other parts for sale and also posting from WORLDWIDE. You might be limited to US only

But you better contact me directly as Ebay has gone crazy with all kind of extra fee, provision etc …

Roger, I think you can confirm that I am a reliable and respectful person, and that I have a bunch of original tools and other stuff.
No pump anymore.



here is a picture of an actual, correct and genuine XK 120 tool kit of my collection.

Be aware of the seller jag_lover on ebay, according to me, he is also using pictures of another source and not only of the original item being sold.
He does not state why he is doing so, but to me it is very misleading.
I personally would not buy anything of this seller as it can be a bad surprise of what would be delivered. I mean, I consider myself as reasonably knowledgeable as I do have a rather large collection of only original Jaguar tools.

I started my website Jaguar tool Website only because I was fooled in the past. I had spent a few hundred of pounds on tools which were worth a couple of pounds only. You are all doing right, asking advise upfront. Roger is a great source and always ready to respond. Another good source would be Carey Chadd in Dripping Springs. I can imagine he is also willing to help with info.


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Thanks for the heads up Maikel. here is a photo on eBay saying this , ORIGINAL JAGUAR XK120 TIRE PUMP FOR THE BOOT Concours Champion Class condition. C.997. For all years. please let me know if this is correct on not , this week coming I have the last building to go though and I know there is one more pump that I will find.


strong text20210308_162013|375x500

Your photo of the so claimed “Concours Champion Class condition. C.997” doesn’t show enough detail to make an accurate assessment of its authenticity aspect as expected for an XK120 Tyre Pump, but seems to emphasize its restored/reproduction aspect, if somewhat overdone - handle looks like smooth plastic rather than black painted grainy timber…
The PUMP itself - who knows, you can only see the underside of the folding feet and lower-cap that includes a threaded hole to attach the FLEX. So maybe 1949-54 correct, maybe not, but if in USA more likely correct as relatively few Mark IVs, and virtually no SS Jaguars exported there that had the earlier Jaguar pumps. See my earlier photos of pumps, pump feet and hose connections…
But the reproduction FLEX (braided hose, clips and fittings assembly) is BAD - it may well be all new in condition and cleanliness (two aspects of Concours), but for authenticity gets about 1 out of 10 on a generous day - at least the hose is green (if indeed looking shiny nylon based and not cotton) without any contrasting colour trace and at least it is braided, albeit questionable standard. But the fittings and the brass ferrules are nothing at all like an XK120 original. And if you have a picky judge, it shouldn’t have an ill-fitting fibre washer at the pump connection - they were always snuggly fitted leather.

So ‘Concours’ maybe/maybe not - depends on standard of Judging… but if one for your own self satisfaction, you can do much better…

Hi all, I thought I would share some more stuff I found stored away, please could any of you kind gents let me know if any of the items relates to my 120 .

The air intake scoop is either C5060 or C8242 for Mark VII or C12854 for Mark 1 depending on the part number, which should be cast into the surface.
The 120 owners handbook is one of the later reissues which included the FHC. The date will be on the last page.
The Laycock overdrive handbook is for 140 as the 120 never had the overdrive from new, it doesn’t fit with the 120 chassis center cross member.
The Service Manual is one of the later reissues with the black paper cover. The date may be on the last page. Earlier issues had an olive green hard cardboard cover.
I think the Hollywood starlet might be Jayne Mansfield, although she was usually photographed with her XK120 OTS.
The Trico instructions would apply to later 120s which got the windshield washers late in '52.
I would like the Mark V handbook if you want to sell it, mine is in poor condition, send me a PM.

Hello everyone,

I made a video, to explain how the original Box spanners do look like

Youtube video about JAGUAR XK nesting Box spanners

Enjoy and share

Thank you for the videos.
Here is picture of a 7/16”X1/2” box spanner which appears to have been double stamped.

I am no expert, but aren’t the C.34 short tommy bars for the XK140s supposed to be unfinished, not blackened ?

Hi Gary,

many thanks for your pics.

your tool kit seems to be in excellent original condition. Great example also the feeler gauge and the Lucas point setter are correct.

The small box spanner is correct and the short tommy bar bar looks to have no finish. Which would be correct.

Only late XK 150 did come with black finish same as early E Type.

Yours seem to be an original survivor at least 60 years old.

Very good.

Best regards


Von meinem/meiner Galaxy gesendet

Gary, you are correct - the C.34 Tommy Bar (Short) was originally drawn up by Jaguar in December 1938, and although fully specifying its dimensions there was no specific added surface finish specified, and indeed many original confirmed original C.34 throughout 1940s and 1950s Jaguar Tool Kits confirm these to be left untreated ‘bright’ steel finish being a Tommy bar made by an upset forging process of an cold extruded rod, that subsequently had both its tapered shaft and its pointed tip machined down. Being left bright steel explains why original C.34 tommy bars are found usually with greater or less rust setting in, which makes life difficult if you want one in perfect condition - but they are around.
In 1958 Jaguar revised their Contract Drawing to modify the small Tommy Bar to now be part number C.34/1 which means it was functionally/interchangeably unchanged so remained a C.34 but the /1 denotes a minor upgrade/change. In this case - based on similar supporting factory references I have, and indeed many physical sightings of original C.34/1 Tommy Bars from the 1960s on, as still supplied in late XK150, late Mark IX and indeed essentially all 3.8 E-types, reveal them to be dimensionally identical, but now with an added "black-oxide" surface finish all over.
This C.34 to C.34/1 part number upgrade is only mentioned in Jaguar references not readily available, and indeed in the usual Spare Parts Catalogue references the small Tommy Bar is still quoted as just C.34.
The ongoing challenge is to ascertain as accurately as possible when small Tommy Bars found in XK150 and Mark IX tool kits changed from C.34 to C.34/1 with current confirmed original evidence indicating after 1958 but before 1961 - so somewhere during 1959 and 1960. Indeed there may well have been a short period of overlap of old stock of C.34 and new stock of C.34/1.

Accordingly, I would love to hear from anyone who has a 1959 or 1960 XK150 or Mark IX, who confidently believes they still have their cars original/unrestored Tool Kit, and in particular their original C.34 or C.34/1 Tommy Bar - much easier of course with a Mark IX where the Tool Boxes are fixed in place, less reliably so with easily lost/displaced and substituted XK150 Tool Roll .

But the simple answer to your question - all XK140 most definately have a bright-steel C.34 Tommy Bar (Short)…