1951 Jaguar XK120

Just sold at BJ Auction for a horrible price of $39k…Car had a few issues, not a basket case. Over the years, I have seen junk for that kind of money.
In addition, they did an awful job promoting the car. 6cly with a 4 speed RWD. Uh???
How about fastest production car. Similar car won LeMans.

Pretty much meaningless, to most buyers, today.

Only us old farts care.

BJ will be selling two more XK120s. A 1952 FHC and a 1954 Drophead. Should tell us better where the market is. I don’t think BJ is the best place to sell our cars. 80% muscle cars.

I know a dealer that picks up poorly placed auction cars and flips them. A great car at the wrong auction is like selling the Mona Lisa at even a really good second-hand store. Nobody would take it seriously.

He picked up a 9,000 mile Viper for $7,000 less than the other two that sold the previous day. Those two buyers got theirs, this was the leftover. It skewed the market stats simply because there were too many on that weekend. A month later in a different city it could have sold at market.

Auction prices don’t mean much unless you drill into the numbers.

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