1951 MKV Open Ended Spanners

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Would anyone happen to know if the Open Ended Spanners for the very late MKV’s were ‘SUPERSLIM’, ‘Snail’, or a combination of the two?


Hello once again,

No sooner had I asked the question than I found the definitive answer on another link, from Roger Payne and it turns out that I have a complete and correct set.

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I like the snail spanners…
I had a racing snail once. I wanted it to be a lightweight racer so I removed it’s shell, but it just went sluggish…
Snail dreaming of Speed…

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So there is no doubt…

There were five “Open Ended Spanners” in a Mark V tool kit, and no changes over the total Mark V period, with the same five spanners also used in same age XK120 Tool Roll.

There were two WHITWORTH sizes spanners, and for Mark V they have the following size markings…

C.998. 1/8W x 3/16W1/4F
C.999. 1/4W/5/16F x 5/16W3/8F.
(Note the Mark V period always show sizes exactly as above, with earlier and later spanners having different size markings - prewar for instance show just 1/4W x 5/16W, and post 1954 the ‘F’ is replaced with ‘BS’ thus 1/4W5/16BS x 5/16W3/8BS )
See below photo of correct/original Mark V era C.998 and C.999, front side, and reverse side of a C.999 (disregard the SR).

As you can see from the ‘Snail Pictogram’ these two spanners were made by SNAIL, with many variations to exact form of the Snail pictogram, but those shown are typical Mark V/XK120.

In addition, the Mark V added for the first time three new AF sizes spanners, these being made by T/W and were of their SUPERSLIM style. These three spanners were made especially for Jaguar in a non-standard ‘short’ length to fit within the limited allocated space in the Mark V tool tray. The same combination size spanners in the normal ‘standard’ length are easily found and cheaply. These special ‘short’ Superslims made especially for Jaguar are rare/expensive.

C.2587 7/16AF x 1/2AF
C.2588 9/16AF x 5/8AF
C.2589 3/4AF x 7/8AF

Again, the photo shows correct/original Mark V/XK120 C.2587, C2588 and C.2589 on their front SUPERSLIM side, and also the reverse side of a C.2589 noting the essential BRITISH MADE marking.

You do see on occasion very similar SUPERSLIMS, but not correct/original Jaguar ones, that instead of BRITISH MADE, show MADE IN ENGLAND (as with the normal length ones)

There are other subtelties, but above detail is sufficient for anyone wanting to put together an accurate Mark V tool kit, with correct 1949/50 period Jaguar spanners.

Thank you, Roger.

I have saved the information to my MKV File and am pleased to say that I have all the correct spanners you have listed. I had thought that the three ‘Superslim’ spanners should have been ‘Snails’ so I’m quite delighted to find they are correct.


Hello Roger,

You wouldn’t happen have another article of the same ilk on the box spanners by any chance as I’d like to add that to my MKV file as well?



I am half way through writing up Mark IV Tool Kits (for magazine publication), and in doing so research/detail is underlapping 1940MY SS-Jaguar, and overlapping into Mark V to ensure I have properly covered full 1945 to 1949 Mark IV evolutions and variations. This of course gives me a head start into underlapping Mark IV into Mark V detail, and then of course overlapping into XK120 tool kits (already done and published in a number of books/magazines). But the Mark IV material is only half done, and I have not yet got onto Box Spanners, albeit its just a matter of putting it all together.

Give me your direct email, and I will forward you Box Spanner detail when I have something consolidated. Currently working on Tyre Pumps and Flex, with Box Spanners next…