1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS body panels lot, doors, boot lid, wings and more

All listed on ebay if anyone is interested


south WI.


down to $3500 …

$300 discount for anyone here that might want these parts. That means a sale outside of greedy ebay of course. 10% right off the top!

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I am interested in XK-120 body parts please call 717-982-1943

Dennis Felty

Accepting offers for all of it and it must be picked up in southern Wisconsin, no shipping.

Please note, I will not reply to unacceptable offers

Good used body panels for the XK120. These came from a 1953 OTS. Rear wings include new quality patch panels for repair, no other rust through, only a minor dent in one. Most of the paint is off so nothing hidden. Doors are solid and show no outer skin damage viewing the inside of the doors, someone did add reinforcements to the hinge side panels, SEE pics, one door has some denting on the shut side latch panel. Boot lid is solid with good no rot wood, will need a little wood repair where the latch sockets attach, minor skin damage around latch hole. Includes a high quality reproduction license plate panel. Drive shaft tunnel in in good repairable condition, right and left inner front fender aprons in good to very good condition, need refinishing. All parts are good for at least a driver quality car but understand they are not perfect and regular body panel refinishing will be required.


Clearing out the years of collections?

I’m on the same path!

What a hassle but it must be done at some point.

Yea… I began my “clear out,” back in the 90s, and if took me the better part of a decade to get rid of the good stuff.

Now I’m working on excess tools, shop equipment, and workshop manuals, some going back to the 50s.

Down to $3000, JL forum members can subtract $200 buying direct.

Are the XK-120 doors and boot lid still available?


Dennis Felty 717-982-1943