1955 movie staring the XK - The Fast & The Furious

I’m a member of the Lump section of this site and I was going to post there about the movie as there are a few posters that like the XK then I thought I might as well post it here also.

It’s a free to watch movie on U Tube - 1 hour & 12 minutes

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I have this on DVD somewhere. Haven’t watched it in ages, but iirc the XK-120 is really the only redeeming quality…
I do recall one of the characters refer to “Jaguar…?? Oh, one of those racing cars from England!”

Yeah, “free” equates to the quality of the acting, continuity and editing.
I wrote a review of this flick, which is on imdb.com somewhere.

… and all the newer versions also have no redeeming qualities! :slight_smile:

Not true! They have “family”!