1955 Swallow for sale

There is a very interesting historical dissertation regarding the Swallow and Sir Lyons’s involvement included with the listing. A truly wonderful looking automobile. If I was a 1%'r, I would add this car to my current collection of one Jaguar.

I saw one of these Swallow Doretti’s for sale at a foreign car repair shop in Peoria Illinois in 1970. I remember the ID plate under the hood said Swallow Coachbuilding, and since I knew about the Swallow/Jaguar connection, but it looked so much like a big Austin-Healey, I was confused. It was mentioned but not pictured in Lord Montagu’s book, so it took awhile for me to figure out that’s what it was. I think the price was around $1500, which was way out of my league as a poor college student.