1956 XK 140, noise from rear end of car

Last weekend I took the car out for a nice drive, Laurel Canyon onto Sunset Blvd, to Sepulveda and home. If you are from LA these roads should be familiar. The car drove great, I have 700 miles on it since completing the mechanical restoration on the car. I parked the car, opened the garage fired it up put it into reverse and the car was stuck, as if the right rear wheel was locked up, I put into 1st gear, then reverse and the car freed up and was fine, I drove it some more, no issues. I pulled off the right rear drum and everything looked fine, I convinced myself it was not properly in gear, or a brake shoe had bound up. Today I took it on a drive staying closer to home, a few miles from home I started to hear, and feel a tick, tick, tick sound, I turned around to go home, the noise stopped, I drove it about 15 miles through canyon roads, no noise no issues…I then headed further away from home and it started to tick very loud, I considered having the car towed, but limped the car home at 8-10 MPH for a few miles, it sounds like something is happening inside the drum, I parked the car, happy to have made it home. I then had the brainstorm Idea to get my phone, and record the horrible ticking noise the car was making, I got in, fired it up, no more noise, drove it around the block 4 times, no noise. When the engine was off, coasting it made noise, engine off car in neutral, noise, engine on/off clutch in, noise. I expect to find a problem when I remove the Left rear drum and inspect things, maybe a brake shoe rubbing, or a detached lining. Anyone have any ideas? I don’t think it is the gearbox, or the clutch.
Thank You

A broken carrier in a ball bearing in the axle would make a ticking sound, and might lock up sometimes.

Thank You!
I will try to dig into it next weekend.

Just have a look at the U-Joints while the car is in the air, just in case…