1958 XK150S heater valve/tap

The original heater valve - or tap as the brits call it - in my XK150 has failed.

Seems like a simple fix, but the official BARRATT and Welsh replacement part does not match the original. The problem is the arm on the new unit where one attaches the cable (That comes from the interior Slide lever) is positioned 45 degrees further clockwise - so the cable does not have a short, straight line attachment - making in necessary to bend the cable too much to work properly. I have pictures to explain this better! I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what a good fix might be. Obviously finding the correct valve unit is optimal - but the card made of unobtainium I Have discovered. Any help would be great!

Here is mine from SNG Barratt, works ok, but purchased some years ago.
The side lever has attachments on both sides, as you can see.

Thank you! Appreciate the help