1959 Mk1 3.4 (new to me) photos

I just picked up my '59 Mk1 a month ago. And have been scouring the internat for any and all photos. Not nearly as many as there are of the Mk2. So I thought I would contribute a collection of photos of my unrestored car.


Here are a few shots of the interior

The car was in pretty good shape.

So far I’ve replaced the Tach cable… now that works. I took out the fuel sending unit and cleaned it up and replaced it; now that works too and the gauge reads correctly too.

Cleaned up the scuttle vent. Looks like the old seal might have been the original.

I also had a few solid days with a grinder and some rust converter and paint.
Hey… It’s a start.
Here are some shots of the spare tire well.


Surprisingly good looking car for the unrestored example ! Leather looks mostly solid, also wood appear great. The steering wheel is Mk2 style, wonder if it was replaced earlier. Washer fluid reservoir looks … exotic ? Is it a factory item ?

I wonder what climate took this good car of chromes, wood & leather !?
How are the brakes ? Original and working OK ? A/T is doing it’s job ?

Yes, Overall the car is in pretty good shape, with one possibly big exception but I’m still investigating… It looks like I’m going to have to replace the rear upper and lower spring reinforcing channels and the spring clamp and maybe the panhard rod mounting bracket (but I think that can get done as part of the same job). Now having said that It’s all holding together and drives really well. No issues the the Automatic transmission. That little Mid range hold switch on the dash is pretty cool and works like a charm to keep the revs up.
Brakes are fabulous. Coming from an MGA with all drums; these discs are a real treat.

The car came with the original steering wheel but it is in terrible condition and needs restoring.
Yes I think the washer fluid reservoir is original.

Looking at the receipts and dates of ownership that came with the car, there’s a strong possibility that the 40K miles is original mileage.


Nice Looking Mark 1 ! I have recently bought a 1960 Mark 2 in slightly worse shape. I hope the drive train is as good as yours is!

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When working on panhard rod mounting bracket - remember to make suggested reinforcement. I forgot about it when doing my chassis work and now I don’t want to fry my new underbody paint with this welding job.

Yeah, my “black-cross” steering wheel also need rebuilding. I’m planning to glue-around 3d printed arm covers to bare metal, then use some putty on cracks on circumference, then go for a black paint job all-around.

Very nice, and looks like it is in good hands. IMO black doesn’t do it too many favours, but you shouldn’t change that. Perhaps a set of Rimbellishers might lift it a bit. And whitewalls? My Mk 1 had drums, but despite being a bit of a larrikin back then, I never experienced brake fade, only total failure when a front wheel cylinder blew. IIRC it would do about 90mph in intermediate gear.

[Panhard rod mounting bracket

LesioQ I haven’t seen that yet. Do you have a link or any pictures?

As for my original steering wheel… not sure that this is within my abilities to fix :thinking:

Yes, I like the idea of adding Rimbellishers. I’ll probably do that.
Not sure about changing the colour from the original but I do like period correct Cornish Grey. It would still look good with the red interior.

Yes, I like the greys also and cream. I don’t know if repairing the steering wheel is within your capabilities, but it can be done. Would look better with the original IMO.

I should have clarified. When I was talking about colour I was only referring to the body.
I plan to put an original steering wheel and would keep it as original.

Yes, I realise that. A mate painted his Mk 2 black and it looked really good, but there is a bit more chrome on a Mk2 to lighten it up a bit. But changing the colour properly is a big job, I like what you are doing.

Back in 1960 my father bought his first Mark 1, a 1957 model with the same red interior with ‘bench seats’ and auto transmission. The car was cornish grey and it looked fabulous with the red interior. Your photos bring back many good memories. Enjoy the car.
Mel R

I bet pics came from this site, but cannot find the source. From my archive:

Thanks, great pictures and well worth having them here as a reference.

Me, not being as versed as the rest of the group and attempting to replace the scuttle vent rubber diaphragm, did not know better handling the task. It was only afterwards that I was told to CUT the gasket in half ( in the middle, not on the short ends) and install using a MM of sealant to fill the razor fine cut you have made. You will not believe the number of fiddly bits required to remove the screen and the push rods. You will save hours of risking dropping nuts and screws and yelling out loud.