1959 MK2 Switch Panel

Can anyone tell me what a 1959 MK2’s switch panel should be made from? (The black panel) I know the later cars were covered in a black rexine.

Hi Julz, if you mean the panel with the gauges then I would have thought a 59 would be wood?

I thought so too, but it looks like smooth plastic? it is a Nov 1959 car, has all the early features, just the panel puzzles me.

Post a photo and somebody may be able to identify. I know the later MK10/420 had a black panel possibly somebody retro fitted one from one of those cars?

Ok, will do. Pick car up Sunday so will post one Sunday evening. Thanks!

The early cars were still black vinyl covered, but used a finer pattern, not so much like the leather.

I disagree, the gauge panels of the earliest MK2s were painted matte black. No covering. They began covering with rexine in July of 1960 per Thorley’s book. I’ve had two MK2s both made in April of 1960 and they both had painted panels.

Fair enough, but I had a panel that was covered with a vinyl or plastic finish of some sort that was like a matte finish. Off a car that had the early door mechanism, whenever that was (1961?)
Were there 3 types perhaps? Maybe they discovered the painted finish wasn’t durable enough.

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Ah , trust the master sleuth to come up with the goods :+1: