1960 Mark ll firs time to drive since I purchase in August 2022

Maybe someone here wiser than me can tell if that was a straight port Head or not: I’d love to have them on my hot rod, but it has a series 3 XJ6 engine.

Sorry Wiggles, no. The inlet port spacing is different between the B Type and SPH type. The only 2.4 to use the SPH was the 240, and it was fitted with SU’s, the only 2.4 that didn’t use Solex’s. If it was a “must do”, you could have someone ( or yourself) fabricate flanges onto an S1, S2 or other SPH manifold, blanking off the sidedraught inlets. Just need a TIG and some skill. BTW, mounting stud holes all line up on all manifolds, so no issues there.

This is a 3.4 Mk1 so modified, SU holes blanked and Dellorto stubs welded on.( budget didn’t extend to a 3rd carb at that stage, I bought the pair off a modified Escort)
Was a complete WOFTAM ( waste of F’n time and money)

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Thanks… so much for THAT idea! Woulda looked great on the Jeep.

WOFTAM: stealing that one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even if it fitted, jetting might have been an issue, big difference between 2.4 and 4.2. Not sure on the availability of alternative jets for those Solexes. Might be ballpark with 3 fitted.

You might also like CGAF,( couldn’t give a F$%k!), Kiwispeak for " I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other", CBF ( can’t be F%$%$ed) “I have no inclination to”

I already use Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson’s, “DILLIGAF.”


The Solex carbs are fine and easy carbs. But they are for economy only. If you do the calculations, the 2.4 (effectively a 2.5) the required diameter should be 39mm not 32 so it is already limited. Jets are available in a variety of sizes but it will always be air restricted.

The jets in the Solex B32 PBI-5 are:

Main jet 110

Accelerator jet 55

Choke jet 105

Choke air jet 4,5

Accelerator pump jet 50

Idle air jet 120

Main air jet 180

Float valve 1,5

Here you can find a solex tuning guide: http://oacdp.org/pdfs/solex.pdf it will give you an idea of the workings of the carburettor as well.

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