1960 Mk2 B Pillar Chrome

(RustfreeMike) #1

Hi everyone,
My barn-find 1960 Mk2 is missing it’s B-pillar chrome. I see that there are 2 styles - the kind that flares out at the bottom and the kind that doesn’t. Which style should a '60 Mk2 have?

BTW - message me direct if you have a decent set of the right style available.

(Ian) #2

September 1966 it was changed from 2 parts to 1 , so you need the 2 part one !
I long part and a small part at the bottom !

(RustfreeMike) #3

Thanks Ian - So the 2nd part of the 2 part style is the little flare at the bottom? If that is the case, do you know if the later style with the integral flare can be used on the earlier car? This car is gonna be a driver so I’m not overly concerned with originality, just that it fits and it would be easier if I only had to find 2 parts instead of 4.


(Ian) #4

Yes , guess it was cost cutting to make it one peace , as it’s just trim , can see no reason why it won’t fit !

(RustfreeMike) #5

Perfect ---- Thanks!

(Ian) #6

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