1960 Mk2, just in from Terry Lippincott

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Just received my 1960 Mk2 from Terry. He did this car in 1990-91 for a customer’s wife, she died and it sat for all these years. Had Terry refresh it and it sure drives nice now. Redid all the wood by Madera Concepts.
Terry had done custom late model mods to many of the systems. 1990 XJS power steering rack, 1978 Borg Warner 65 automatic with custom torque converter. GM a/c system, turbo fan up front for condenser, 1966 3.8 radiator for better cooling, plus the hood louvers, 4.2 water pump. Modern brake power unit, 1978 XJS starter, negative ground system. late model alternator for added amps, Koni shocks all around, new 205/70 15 Vredesteins, lacquer paint done originally, still perfect.
It is a great driving car with all the mods.

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Beautiful. The license plate and the botanical background are rather incongruous!

Global warming!!!
We are residents of Alaska, but Mk2 is in AZ.


Looks nice in blue :+1:

Can’t see just a 3.8 rad helping with the cooling , Did they fit a 4.2 front engine cover to fit the water pump ?

Just need some back window chrome now , that will be fun fitting lol

This looks great.

Do you know what the blue paint color number is that was used?

Terry is having some paint mixed for me and will send soon. Think it is just color matched to the blue, not sure if it is stock color or custom, but think cust9om mix.

The 1966 3.8 radiator has a custom core in it for better cooling. Was needed for the a/c and updated heat unit. Terry said the special core was needed also to handle the updated 225HP of the reworked engine he built when he originally did the car.

Ordering the rear window chrome pieces, will get those installed to complete the rear window. Terry told me 4.2 water pump was more efficient. He did make an adapter for the original fan to mount on the 4.2 pump.

john - stu here, down in tucson. will you be ordering the little gap covers with the window insert trims? if so, where from. mine were missing in the piles of stuff in the trunk when i purchased it. - happy motoring!

I ordered the rear window trim and the closure pieces from XK Unlimited. Pretty proud of the trim pieces, $319 each side!, closure pieces are only about $5.

Had the rear window trim fitted to complete the Mk2.
Charged the a/c, only needed one can of R12 after sitting for 20+ years, blows cold now.
Terry did a fantastic job in the build of this car, still like new today.
Drives so smooth with the rack and pinion power steering and 3 speed automatic.

Curious what people (mechanics) are charging for mechanical assistance these days on Jaguars. I presume prices vary as to the region and the country?

Loveland, Colorado USA

Hourly rates here in AZ are in the $135-50 range for a shop that knows what they are doing. Makes the final cost better as no learning curve time charged for hunting/experimenting!