1960 rear door frame/window fit to body

My 1960 Mk2 rear door window frames do not seat onto the body seal area tightly. When one closes the rear doors the frames rattle and do not close tightly on the door seals on body.
Can anyone advise if the window frame has adjustment to allow the chrome window frame to ‘tilt’ inward to body for for contact to weatherstrip seal on door body?

Hope this makes sense.

there are shims at the bottom of the frames where they are clamped to door frame. if they are rusty you may be better off just cutting the bolts as it can be a frustrating , knuckle bleeding job.

Thank you. Does one just shim out the bottom to tilt the window frames inward so they seal on the door rubber seal? Mine are away from the seal maybe 1/2". When the door closes the frames do not touch so jiggle without seal.
Enough room to allow shims to move the top inward that much?
Never had it apart there, so rookie asking.

yes, you may have to make some shims.

In addition to the shims/spacers, make sure the mounts that are welded to the inside of the door are solid. I’m restoring a ‘62 Mk2 and despite being a California car with little rust I found that my mounts were pretty much rusted out. It was quite a repair to replace these. I fabricated new mounts which itself was pretty straightforward but I needed to cut the door skin off for access to replace. That was a pain.

This is a photo of spacers that were installed on the leading edge of the RH front door frame in our MK2. The rear door frames utilize the same spacers. I purchased a one foot length of nylon rod from McMaster-Carr and cut and drilled individual spacers to get my margins close. I then used individual body mounting washers to achieve my final door frame to seal margins. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of room for adjustment (more than 1/2").

As Tapped pointed out, the mounting brackets can rust and fail to hold the base of the frame in place. Our MK2 is also a California Black Plate example and I had to repair the RH rear most mounting bracket. Lastly, check the state of your frame. The brazed joint located at the rear window frame where it meets the door top mounting cross piece failed on our car because the bottom bracket failed which allowed the frame to twist and fatigue the joint.

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