1961 MKII Project for sale

Description: See below

Asking price (if selling): $3500

Location: Rockford Illinois

Contact information: send me a PM please!
Cost of shipping (if selling): N/A

Sadly I have decided to let go of my 1961 MKII project. I have owned this car for about 15 years and have accomplished little. I have many more projects so this one must go.

Original paint, completely untouched, no body filler or bodged repairs. Black exterior, red interior, chrome wire wheels. Will need rust repair to the rear lower part of the front fenders and possibly to the inner bits just beneath. Sills are great, this was a Texas car so the usual rust areas are in good shape. Unfortunately will need some work on the door skins due to the felt pads glued to the inside holding moisture, but overall extremely solid and there is nothing hidden by previous repairs.

3.8 automatic, Powr-lok differential.

Original engine was not save able as it was left sit after a head gasket failure and badly frozen. I have a 3.8 from a MKIX which is easily rebuildable, plus all the parts from the original engine.

Includes everything needed to convert to 4 speed overdrive. Correct Moss box, driveshaft, steering column, pedal box assembly (2 of them) interior console, flywheel, clutch etc.

Extra aet of doors, very rusty but complete for all the small bits.

2 sets of seats, leather is bad on all.

2 sets of interior wood, one in poor shape and one redone but in an amateurish way.

2 power steering setups (boxes, reservoir, generator with pump), starters, brake servos, grills, extra front and rear windscreens.

Lots of extra trim.

Car is disassembled and the body is on a dolly with large caster wheels which will roll up onto a trailer.

There is probably more than the asking price in parts. I don’t really have an appetite to sell them all of but will if that’s what it comes to. Would much rather sell as a package. Clear Illinois title.

Located 80 miles west of Chicago.

Many more pics on request.



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Nice project. I’d be looking at a divorce if I brought another car home. I’m in Cherry Valley.
I may be interested in a few parts if you would separate?

Hi, what are you interested in?

Was looking for a transmission mount. Now looking for overdrive parts. Possibly window trim.

I might have an extra overdrive I will look.

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Hi, would ou consider selling the small set of gauges from the centre dashboard please?

Hello, I am not parting the car out at this time.

Ok fully understand, thanks

Hi. I have a set of small gauges I’ve been thinking about selling. All in good condition, with very presentable bezels.
If so, pm me and I’ll send you some photos.

Hi Robert, thanks for you kind offer,but I’m after correct dated items and the ones I enquired about are likely to be absolutely right. I know it’s a bit cranky but it’s what I like. If your are same that’s brilliant but I’m guessing not… thanks again for contacting me

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I might have an extra overdrive I will look.

Did you get a chance to look?

Hello, I don’t have another Jag overdrive or parts sorry. The one I was thinking of is from a Rover P4 100 so the input and output shafts (at minimum) would be different.

Rut roh: another Rover fan?


I need internal parts. Is it possible to post or email me a picture?

Also Would you happen to have a right hand windshield trim?

Love the P6! We had a TC2000 for our family car “back in the day”.

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I will dig it out and et a pic, and also look for windshields trim…

Thank you! I’m close by, so could stop in.

I have a right W/S trim. It is rough but can be brought back with some patience. Sorry I have to keep the nicest to go with the MKII I have for sale, but you are welcome to this one at no cost. The overdrives are externally identical. The one I have is still bolted to a P4 100 gearbox. Almost seems a shame to bust it up, but it is for sale so make an offer, must take the whole thing!

I’ll take the trim. I’ll message you.

Bump. Still for sale. $2500 OBO.