1962 Jaguar MK 2 | eBay

Interesting interpretation of the MK2 interior $50K is a bit optimistic.

george leicht
62 Mk2

Nice that they could do a “frame off” restoration on a monocoque car.



Would have been a better touch to make the vent a “swirl pattern” but I’ve always liked white on black wheels.

Engine turning is like gold plating: a little goes a loooong ways. That went too far.

Yes, along with one of those very rare straight six v eights. Paul

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I don’t like to see jacking points body colour , a few $ on rubbers would have helped .
Still I did see one once with the rubbers body colour :thinking:
Fog lights would have been nice !
I guess they know the dummy grills need turning , as they was right in the before pictures .
Quite like the inside thou :+1:

I’ll happily say it, “It’s appalling!” I thought only MKV’s were this badly treated? :wink:

The worst part of this, is the undersized wire wheels: to my eye, wires don’t work with the body style.

I really like the black wheels on the ebay car (though I am partial to that design decision), but I really dislike the interior. If you’re going to make the car more aggressive externally, the refined interior becomes even more interesting as a counter point. And the engine looks tired for a car in otherwise nice shape.