1963 Lindner Nocker Low Drag Coupe Build

My shell was built by Racing Jaguar Panels in Bedworth U.K. the same place that builds Building the Legend Shells, also responsible for many Jaguar Heritage and period racer shells, new and or restored.

The owner explained to me that there is not one single panel from a Lindner Nocker shell that would fit a standard etype. Bonnet, doors, floor bulkheads etc.

Having home restored over 20 E types I can attest that watching the car in build I completely agree. They are a work of art.


Do you still have yours Pat?

Absolutely, currently building a high spec 3.8 engine in conjunction with Tom Barclay Racing, check his website, fantastic attention to detail.

I am applying for FIA certification so lots of the “upgrades” I fitted have had to be replaced with permitted in period parts. Brakes, suspension, exhaust etc.

It currently has the 330 bhp 4.2 fitted which of course has to come out and be replaced with its 3.8. Once finished I will then submit for inspection.

Front and rear brakes, suspension and some minor items have been changed, just waiting to build the engine.


And into what marvelous creation are you planning to stuff that? :slight_smile:

Spare, keep it for a touring engine for the low drag.


You clearly do not mind removing and replacing those engines as much as I do… :slight_smile:

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It’s therapy, got it down to about 5 hrs in and out. 2ish hrs out. 2 poster, motorcycle lift and out through the bottom.



Having the lift certainly makes it less onerous, but it may have something to do with the fact that I had to do it so much, as a living, it was one of the reasons I sold my E-type!

A very long time ago, that ceased to be therapy for me… :slight_smile:

@600 thank you for the helpful information and reference photos. Your car is definitely a work of art.

I have a couple of questions if you would not mind answering.

It appears the front cradle on your car is steel. I’m assuming that is how the original cars were built as well but would love to confirm.

Also I really like you suspension components. Do you mind sharing where you got them from?


The front frames are Robey standard, the picture frame is S2. The LN had standard front frames. All front suspension is standard 3.8 S1, nickel plated. Top wishbone modified to LN spec. Front shock absorbers are Gaz with spring helpers. Not fia compliant

Join my fbook page there are hundreds of pics of the build.

Happy to help



@600 Great stuff. Admittedly, I did not know the Martin Robey company existed until now. Very helpful.

Also if you would not mind sharing the Facebook page name, I would like to check it out.

I think you just search for Pats E Types, ask to join, I approve and your in.

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@600 Thanks. It may be my fault but I am not really finding anything. If you have a link you can send I should be able to join.

Also adding a picture I took while working on it for the rest of the group. I believe it when they say many panels are unique. I

You go to facebook and search for Pays E type…have a look here Pats Etypes | Facebook

Thanks Steve, currently away on hols.

Bought a new little toy and man does it make those welds disappear nicely. Link below. Can’t beat it for $29.

WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander with 1/2-by-18" Belt https://a.co/d/2g7Ed76

It has variable speed. On a low setting it works great. Not too loud and very controllable not gouging the surfaces next to the weld bead.

I also tried to capture a little video of Tig welding. I will need to experiment a little with the camera setting but this was my first try.


I believe Tom Barclay was trained by Rob Beere

For engine frames talk to these folks, not stated on their site but I’m sure their engine frames have a LOT to do with Uryk the founder of E Type Fabs , they are beautifully made, lighter and stronger than originals, many on this page including me have bought Uryk’s frames and having nothing but praise for them.

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