1963 Lindner Nocker Low Drag Coupe Build


Thank you for your earlier suggestion. I have now created what I refer to as the “MegaClamp.” The mouth opening is just a little over 32inches and made from some scrap laying around the workshop. So far it seems to hold tight. I started to weld the hood but stopped because I really needed something to hold the panels more firmly in the middle. Hopefully this new clamp will do the trick. I sprayed it with a little black primer to prevent it from rusting.


That is one big clamp!

You know, I am sensing, at the very least, a lucrative side hustle for you… :slight_smile:

Now we need to see the size of his belt buckle

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Isn’t that the belt buckle when done with it?

The clamp came in handy tonight. I welded up the left side of the hood to the hood cowl. Good news is my welding can only get better with the amount of practice I am getting. I did a lot of spot welding to prevent warpage in the hood which took forever but it seemed to work.


For everyone that is following the build. I want to give a huge thank you to @D_Barnes who sent me amazing photos of the rebuilt Lindner Nocker Coupe.

He was able to capture photos of so many small details that I would have missed in the build. I cannot thank him enough and how supportive this Jaguar community is.

More to come. Cheers!