1963 Mk2 3.8 PL Dana 44. Help ID very small pinion mateshaft pin

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Pulled the axles today and when withdrawing the right side axle shaft a small pin was on the outboard axle housing where the tapered axle shaft bearing rides. It is 3/4 inch long and is a small shaft and a larger diameter
foot. The foot is round 5/8 inch by 1/8 and the shaft is 1/4 inch in diameter by 5/8 inch long and these two are the same piece. Imagine a short soda straw on a nickel. The manual pg H.7 item 32 pinion mate shaft pin. What is it and where does it go? Thank you Pete

(Ian) #2

I don’t know but this will help to id it !

(Pete55Tbird) #3

Ian, thanks for the reply and the picture. My item( pinion mate) appears to be ITEM 35 on your diagram.
Now, what, where and why? Pete

(Ian) #4

In the book they call it a Spacer , could it be to hold 36 tight :thinking:

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Ian, rainy here today, finally so I checked the Jag lovers archives and came up with this

Mike is spot on regarding the ‘‘buttons’’ in the centres of these
axles and is also correct stating that I.R.S.(E-type and newer)
models do not have these spacers as the output shafts from those
models have a self contained end float limiting design.
In the case of rear axles in XK’s and MK II’s the spacers play an
important role.
The outer bearing races in these axles are positively secured and
limit movement of bearing/axle outwards - they stop the axle
slipping out of the housing. Correspondingly the design of the axle
housing will ultimately limit how far the axle can be pushed
inwards in the housing but with no accuracy. We all know that
bearings do not operate well with vast amounts of slop.
How the spacers work is by transferring any inwards push/force
exerted on an axle onto the opposing axle-through the spacer- and
thus to the securely held outer bearing race on the opposing side
(the inner bearings cannot move inwards as they are pressed up
against locating shoulders on the axles) .
The specified 0.004’’-0.006’’ end float of the axles refers to the
free sideways movement of both axles and spacer combined in their
installed situation.
I hope the words I offer here help to answer your questions.
If you would like parts drawings/info please email.
Damon Ross–
d r
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(Pete55Tbird) #6

Picture of pin. Think clevis pin .Shaft drilled to accept SMALL roll pin placed shaft end to shaft end to a second identical clevis pin connected by the roll pin with the Mushroom ends facing out.

(Pete55Tbird) #7

Act 2 (3?) whatever. It is only in the Thorton PowerLock MK2 Jaguar Service Manual (fourth edition) page H:24